Each and every Sunday I hand out grades for some of the best and worst teams in college basketball and package it all up tidily in a report card for you to consume. And each and every Sunday I have to search high and low to find teams worthy of earning an 'A.' An 'A+' performance for the week is even more difficult to identify. But let me pull the curtain back a bit for you and keep it real here: That was absolutely, positively not the case this week.

No. 1 UConn delivered a statement that sent shockwaves across the college landscape Saturday with a 28-point home beatdown of top-five Marquette that made the Huskies the easy choice for an 'A+' earner -- the only one -- on this week's report. UConn dismantled DePaul on the road 101-65 earlier in the week then treated the No. 4 Golden Eagles like DePaul in the XL Center a few days later. Only Houston has as many wins of 28 points or more on the season as UConn, and there's a strong case to be made that no other team has the combination of impressive wins over elite competition than the Huskies -- whose résumé includes victories over five ranked teams. All five of those wins came by double-digit margins. 

Not every team fared as well as the defending national champions this week including No. 2 Purdue, which lost on Sunday in a stunner at Ohio State, and the grades below reflect as much. Only one team earned an 'F' this week (we'll get to that below), but there were several other teams that may not be flaunting their grades publicly. So let's get to the good and the bad and every other team in between in the space below. 

As always, the grades are handed out based on the week that was, running from Monday-Sunday. 

College basketball grades: This week's report card