The celebrations of ascension to Power Five status have died down and reality is setting in for the four new members of the Big 12 who have temporarily swelled the conference's ranks to 16 teams before the departures of Oklahoma and Texas for the SEC after this season. BYU, Cincinnati, Houston and UCF chose to take the money and the prestige associated with making the jump, and now they are taking their losses.

Entering Week 10, those four teams are a combined 3-17 in their inaugural seasons of Big 12 play. Life has been particularly tough for the three former AAC schools in the mix. Cincinnati, Houston and UCF are a combined 1-14 in Big 12 games. The Bearcats have fallen so far that they are in this week's Bottom 25.

The newcomers are bound to increase their collective total of Big 12 victories in the weeks ahead, partly because they will be playing each other. Cincinnati's next two games are against UCF and Houston. The Knights and Cougars face off on Nov. 25 to cap the regular season.

Losing isn't fun, but you know what is? Miniature golf courses and on-campus waterparks reserved specifically for student-athletes. Oh, and you know what else is fun? Being able to afford 10 new deputy associate executive senior assistant athletic directors. With all their new money, the four Big 12 newcomers should be able to afford the Power Five high life now. Meanwhile, their fans are left contemplating: Is this really better than what we had?

Bottom 25 rankings

After years as the QB1 of the Bottom 25, Tom Fornelli has passed the baton to David Cobb this season. We're still using Fornelli's power rankings to determine the order -- with the No. 1 ranking belonging to the worst FBS team -- but the written jabs are from Cobb. 

No longer ranked: Buffalo, Arizona State