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I asked a simple question last week in The Bottom 25 about our No. 1 team, Vanderbilt. It was based on the fact that the Commies' game against Missouri had already been postponed and they weren't scheduled to resume competition until Halloween. So, I wondered: would our beloved Commies be able to hold onto the No. 1 spot that entire time, or would somebody come in and swoop it away? 

Somebody has done just that, but I must admit that at the time of asking the question, I hadn't even considered the team that's done it as a possibility. In fact, it had escaped my mind entirely that the team was even playing.

That's one of the strange side effects of this COVID-19 season. Teams are starting at different times, and some are starting after they announced they wouldn't be playing at all. Like UMass did -- and now UMass has made history.

The Minutemen became the first team in Bottom 25 history to go from unranked during the regular season to the No. 1 spot the next week. Congratulations, UMass, you've only been back for a week and it's already all been worth it.

As for where everybody else stands, let's find out.

No Longer Ranked: No. 25 Kentucky, No. 24 Wake Forest, No. 23 Temple, No. 20 South Alabama