NCAA Football: SEC Football Championship-Louisiana State vs Georgia

ATLANTA -- The first touchdown of the 2022 SEC Championship Game was one for the highlight reel, with No. 1 Georgia catching No. 14 LSU by surprise on a 95-yard touchdown return off a blocked field goal attempt. 

The momentum swing came in the first quarter at the end of a 14-play, 69-yard drive from LSU. The Tigers, stopped on third-and-goal by the stout Bulldogs defense, brought kicker Damian Ramos's out for a 32-yard field goal attempt -- which was blocked by Nazir Stackhouse and came to a rest at the Georgia 5-yard line. Most of the Tigers' special teams unit walked back to the sideline without noticing that Bulldogs safety Christopher Smith was standing over the ball. When Smith saw room down the left sideline to take off, he picked it up and followed a wall of blockers down the left sideline for a touchdown that spanned the length of the field. 

Here's a look at how it went down:

It is the fifth blocked field goal in SEC Championship Game history, four of which have been courtesy of the Bulldogs. Coach Kirby Smart's crew is almost certainly headed to the College Football Playoff, but could use some style points just to keep No. 2 Michigan in the rear view mirror.