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The story out of Duke's Mayo Bowl doesn't just end with Wisconsin beating Wake Forest 42-28, there was also a worry, or a hope, that  head coach Paul Chryst would be soaked in mayonnaise (ew) and also a shattered trophy in the locker room. There's a lot to unpack here, so let's jump right in starting with the condiment.

Now, whether you're a fan of mayonnaise or not -- and most people have a strong opinion -- there is no way anyone wants it dumped on their head in large amounts. Or any amounts for that matter. 

While watching it may have been funny, I imagine Paul Chryst is happier without. Though according to my research, (a quick Google search) mayo is good for your hair.

When a yellow tub was spotted on the sidelines near the Gatorade buckets labeled, "Duke's Mayonnaise," people started to freak out thinking we might just get a mayo bath. 

Many were hoping to see such chaos, while others were not interested in seeing someone covered in mayo.

To the luck of mayo haters, the container was actually just filled with a normal substance: water.

While I'm good without seeing someone have to stand on the sidelines, answer questions and celebrate sopping with mayonnaise ... now I have runny mayo in my head, so let's move right on from that.

Speaking of celebrations, there was a mishap in the locker room that might cause the Badgers to go home empty handed, despite winning the game.

The trophy from their bowl win was seen shattered on the locker room floor, with players looking at the shards. 

Shortly after photos of the shards broke, it was revealed how the trophy was destroyed. The culprit? Quarterback Graham Mertz, who will probably never live it down.

Mertz admitted he dropped it after the game, saying, "I dropped it. That's on me. My mama would call it a boo-boo, but it's all right, we'll bounce back. It'll be the last trophy I ever drop, I guarantee you that."  

It could wind up being like the scene in "Mean Girls" where everyone gets to take home one piece of the crown and it seems like Chryst has the same idea, though he wasn't ratting out his player.

"I'm not under oath so I don't know if I have to speak," he said. "I want everyone to have a piece of that trophy. I didn't see it. I don't know."

Here's what the trophy used to look like, embedded in a tweet that did not age well:

Despite the mishap, the Badgers got creative with a replacement. The mayo didn't end up in the on-field celebration, but it still ended up involved.

After winning any sort of championship or while holding a trophy, the number one thought in your head has to be "don't drop it, don't drop it, don't drop it," for fear something like this could happen.

Hopefully Duke's Mayo can make up another one for them and next time the Badgers take home a trophy they'll have to shatter proof it before letting anyone hold it.