As I update my Dynasty rankings for 2024, I thought it would be fun to take a look at the top-five players in my Dynasty rankings who are in the playoffs. While we don't often look at playoff numbers when projecting future years, and they don't count towards career statistics, performance in these high profile island games certainly shapes perception. 

The thing that stands out at tight end is that Travis Kelce isn't at the top of the list and isn't one of the top three tight ends and isn't one of my top five tight ends in the rankings below for the first time since I started doing Dynasty rankings for CBS. That probably deserves at least a mention. Kelce is now 34 years old and just produced his worst season in nearly a decade. There is no longterm security in rostering him and the upside is at least a question right now. Hopefully he can answer that question in the playoffs. 

1. Sam LaPorta, Detroit Lions

All it took for LaPorta to claim the top spot in my Dynasty tight end rankings was to have one of the best rookie seasons ever for a tight end. In fact, he's only the fifth player ever to catch at leat 80 passes for at least 800 yards and score eight touchdowns in their first season in the NFL, regardless of position. The first four were Anquan Boldin, Odell Beckham, Michael Thomas, and Ja'Marr Chase.

3. Mark Andrews, Baltimore Ravens

Andrews' Ravens are in the playoffs. We're not sure if we'll actually see him or not. That may depend on whether they make it to the Super Bowl. Andrews' touchdown production was great when he was healthy this year, but he still has just one season with more than five catches per game or 60 yards per game. He'll also turn 29 before next year's opener. In other words, I wouldn't blame any team for selling him unless they're a true contender in 2024.

5. Dalton Kincaid, Buffalo Bills

Kincaid was supposed to be the best tight end in the 2023 class, and he still might be. If not for LaPorta's historic season, we'd probably be pretty encouraged by Kincaid's 73 catches for 673 yards as a rookie. That's a good rookie season for a tight end. Add in that he's tied to Josh Allen longterm, and an explosive playoff performance could vault Kincaid into the top two or three this offseason.

Here are my updated Dynasty tight end rankings: