Jesuit High School in Tampa, Fla. has fired an assistant football coach after a video went viral of him punching a player in the head during a game on Friday night. The school announced its decision on Sunday and condemned the actions of the former coach.

Former NFL player Kevin Hobbs posted a video of the incident on social media, and it quickly went viral. In the clip, the coach can be seen punching the player in the side of the head as he runs off the field before berating him for a couple more seconds.

Hobbs, who now serves as an assistant coach for Tampa Bay Tech High, called the coach's behavior "shameful" in his post.

Just two days later, Jesuit High School released a letter from president Rev. Richard C. Hermes in which he announced that the coach had been fired. Hermes also said that the coach's actions were not a good reflection of the school's values.

"This behavior contradicts what the school stands for and is completely contrary to the expectations we have for coaches, moderators, and faculty members, who are to be role models for our students and mentors in their development as young men," Hermes said in his letter.

The player was not injured during the incident, and the school did check in with him and his family following the altercation.