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El Segundo Little League earned California the 2023 Little League World Series championship with a 6-5 win over Curaçao on Sunday afternoon in South Williamsport, Pa. Louis Lappe hit a walk-off home run in the sixth inning to secure the title.

The West Region vs. Caribbean Region matchup had plenty of drama. California found a 2-0 lead in the first inning and seemed in control for most of the game. Then, with California sitting on a 5-1 lead in the fifth inning, Curaçao's Nasir El-Ossaïs hit a grand slam off Max Baker to make it a brand-new game.

The excitement and nerves were high during the sixth as Lappe led off the bottom of the frame with the game-winning blast. Take a look:

The Curaçao pitcher had not allowed a homer in the World Series until Lappe's winner. The 6-foot-1, two-way player for El Segundo was a key piece for his team through the entire tournament. Sunday marked his fifth home run of the competition. 

"My mentality was just get the next guy up and if we kept doing that, we would've won either way. But I'll take the homer," Lappe said after the victory.

Although Lappe got the last run of the game, the win was a true team effort. Lucas Keldorf helped California get the early lead with a two-run double in the first inning, while Jaxon Kalish registered a two-run single in the third. California found the 5-1 advantage in the fourth after Crew O'Connor got an RBI single -- which was actually his first hit of the LLWS. 

Meanwhile, Ollie Parks started the day on the mound, but Brody Brooks -- who opened the game with a single -- was the pitcher who stopped Curaçao's offense at the top of the sixth. 

This is the fifth consecutive tournament an American team has taken home the title. The United States leads the way with 39 Little League World Series titles while Chinese Taipei (17) and Japan (11) are second and third all-time, respectively.

California has been in the championship game 24 times and has now won it all eight times, which is the most by any other team in the United States. El Segundo is the first California team to win it since Ocean View Little League from Huntington Beach in 2011. 

Below is a complete recap of the 20-team 2023 Little League World Series, including the schedule, scores and teams.

2023 Little League World Series scores

Sunday, Aug. 27

  • World Series Championship: West 6, Caribbean 5
  • Consolation Game: Asia-Pacific 10, Southwest 0

Saturday, Aug. 26

  • Final: Caribbean 2, Asia-Pacific 0
  • Final: West 6, Southwest 1

Thursday, Aug. 24

  • Final: Caribbean 4, Mexico 2
  • Final: West 2, Northwest 1

Wednesday, Aug. 23

  • Final: Asia-Pacific 9, Caribbean 1
  • Final: Southwest 1, Northwest 0
  • Final: Mexico 2, Japan 0, 
  • Final: West 5, Southeast 3

Tuesday, Aug. 22 

  • Final: Mexico 3, Latin America 1
  • Final: Southeast 2, Mountain 1
  • Final: Japan 5, Panama 4
  • Final: West 9, Metro 3

Monday, Aug. 21

  • Final: Caribbean 2, Latin America 1
  • Final: Northwest 6, Southeast 2
  • Final: Asia-Pacific 10, Japan 0
  • Final: Southwest 3, West 1 

Sunday, Aug. 20

  • Final: Panama 3, Cuba 2
  • Final: Metro 7, Mid-Atlantic 2
  • Final: Mexico 10, Canada 1
  • Final: Mountain 7, Midwest 1

Saturday, Aug. 19

  • Final: Cuba 11, Australia 1
  • Final: Mid-Atlantic 5, New England 3
  • Final: Canada 3, Europe-Africa 0
  • Final: Mountain 13, Great Lakes 2

Friday, Aug. 18

  • Final: Latin America 4, Panama 3
  • Final: Southeast 8, Metro 1
  • Final: Japan 6, Mexico 1
  • Final: Southwest 6, Midwest 2

Thursday, Aug. 17

  • Final: Caribbean 2, Australia 1
  • Final: Northwest 1, New England 0
  • Final: Asia-Pacific 6, Canada 0
  • Final: West 4, Great Lakes 3

Wednesday, Aug. 16

  • Final: Panama 4, Europe-Africa 0
  • Final: Metro 3, Mountain 1
  • Final: Japan 1, Cuba 0
  • Final: Southwest 2, Mid-Atlantic 1

Little League World Series teams

United States

  • Great Lakes: New Albany Little League; New Albany, Ohio
  • Metro Region: Smithfield Little League; Smithfield, Rhode Island
  • Mid-Atlantic Region: Media Little League; Media, Pennsylvania
  • Midwest Region: Fargo Little League; Fargo, North Dakota
  • Mountain Region: Henderson Little League; Henderson, Nevada
  • New England Region: Gray New Gloucester Little League; Gray, Maine
  • Northwest Region: Northeast Seattle Little League; Seattle, Washington
  • Southeast Region: Nolensville Little League; Nolensville, Tennessee
  • Southwest Region: Needville Little League; Needville, Texas
  • West Region: El Segundo Little League; El Segundo, California


Asia-Pacific Region: Kuei-Shan Little League; Taoyuan, Chinese Taipei
Australia Region: Hills Little League; Sydney, Australia
Canada Region: North Regina Little League; Regina, Saskatchewan
Caribbean Region: Pabao Little League; Willemstad, Curaçao
Cuba Region: Bayamo Little League; Bayamo, Cuba
Europe-Africa Region: South Czech Republic Little League; Brno, Czech Republic
Japan Region: Musashi Fuchu Little League; Tokyo, Japan
Latin America Region: San Francisco Little League; Maracaibo, Venezuela
Mexico Region: Municipal de Tijuana Little League; Tijuana, Mexico
Panama Region: Activo 20-30 Little League; Santiago de Veraguas, Panama