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While it might not have exactly come as a surprise, the Angels cutting Albert Pujols on Thursday rubbed many baseball fans the wrong way. This included former big league slugger David Ortiz.

The ex-Red Sox star made a post on Instagram in support of his friend, calling the move "devastating for fans and player." While wishing him the best of luck on what's next, Big Papi also called Pujols a "future first ballot HOF."

It's not hard to see where Ortiz is coming from in believing his friend was disrespected. The announcement of Pujols getting cut was made in a brief press conference prior to the Angels' game against the Rays. There's also the fact that, on the surface, it's kind of wild that any team would cut a player that leads all active players in home runs (667), RBIs (2,112), hits (3,253) and games played (2,886).

Ortiz wasn't the only former Red Sox player to express disappointment with the way Pujols was just treated by his former team. Former Boston ace Pedro Martinez also posted a message of support on social media, tweeting his appreciation for Pujols.

Pujols made it clear to the Angels that he's not quite ready to retire, according to the team's general manager and president, at least. At 41, he'll try to finish out this season somewhere else. Over the last 24 games, he's hit .198, and has been a shell of his former self for the latter part of his current 10-year deal with the Angels.

Still, he had enough flashes of his greatness in California to put up some decent numbers.