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Former MLB right fielder Ichiro Suzuki reminded everyone that age is just a number and that he still has power in his arms -- perhaps a little bit too much. The 50-year-old accidentally smashed a window after hitting a 426-ft. homer while trying to demonstrate proper technique to some young players.

Ichiro was giving back to students in his home country of Japan by teaching them basic baseball drills. While doing his demonstration at Asahikawa Higashi High School in Hokkaido, Ichiro sent the ball flying straight into a classroom of a building nearby. 

The student-athletes watching him clapped and laughed in amusement. Meanwhile, Ichiro's face added to the entertainment because he looked like he was a bit nervous about potentially getting in trouble.

As reported by MLB.com, Ichiro took about 63 swings and cleared the 26-foot-high netting that protects the building twice. Fortunately, only one window was broken that day.

The seven-time Golden Glove Award recipient has been inspiring students all over Japan for a few years now. It all started when students from Kokugakuin Kugayama High School, also in Japan, wrote to him asking him to be a guest instructor.

Ichiro made his professional debut for the Seattle Mariners in April 2001, and his last appearance was also for the Mariners in March 2019. Through that time, he also played for the New York Yankees and Miami Marlins