The Miami Marlins came into Tuesday night's game against the Brewers in Milwaukee with MLB's worst offense. They ranked last among all 30 teams in runs, runs per game, OPS, home runs, total bases, RBI, and slugging percentage. Could we go on? We could go on. 

In this one, though, some combination of Miller Park, Chase Anderson, the Milwaukee Bullpen, the Milwaukee defense, and the awakening Marlins offense allowed Miami to put 16 runs on the board (MIA 16, MIL 0). Coming in, the 2019 Marlins hadn't scored more than nine runs in game. On Tuesday, they put beat that figure in fifth inning alone, when they scored 11. That's a franchise record for runs scored in a single inning. Speaking of which ... 

Oh, heck, here's the blow by blow:

  • Garrett Cooper: Ball, Ball, Strike looking, Ball, Foul, Cooper singled to center
  • Brian Anderson: Ball, Ball, Ball, Strike looking, Strike swinging, Ball, Anderson walked, Cooper to second
  • Starlin Castro: Foul, Strike looking, Strike looking, Castro struck out looking
  • Harold Ramirez: Ramirez doubled to deep right, Cooper scored, Anderson to third
  • JT Riddle: Riddle intentionally walked
  • Jorge Alfaro: Ball, Alfaro singled to right, Anderson and Ramirez scored, Riddle to third
  • Miguel Rojas: Ball, Strike swinging, Strike swinging, Foul, Ball, Ball, Rojas singled to right, Riddle scored, Alfaro to second
  • Pablo Lopez: Foul, Strike looking, Lopez doubled to deep left, Alfaro scored, Rojas to third
  • Curtis Granderson: Ball, Ball, Granderson singled to left, Rojas scored, Lopez to third
  • Corbin Burnes relieved Taylor Williams
  • G. Cooper: Ball, Strike looking, Ball, Ball, Foul, Cooper singled to right center, Lopez scored, Granderson to third
  • Br. Anderson: Foul, Foul, Ball, Ball, Anderson safe at first on 3rd baseman Shaw fielding error, Granderson scored, Cooper to second
  • St. Castro: Ball, Foul, Strike swinging, Castro doubled to deep left, Cooper scored, Anderson to third
  • H. Ramirez: Ball, Ball, Ramirez grounded out to shortstop, Anderson scored
  • J. Riddle: Ball, Strike looking, Foul, Ball, Riddle singled to center, Castro scored
  • J. Alfaro: Ball, Strike swinging, Foul, Strike looking, Alfaro struck out looking

Not optimal, from the Milwaukee standpoint. 

In the end, it was the first time the Marlins had scored at least 16 runs in a game since July 26, 2017, when they hung 22 on the Rangers. Things, by the way, were different then in Miami: 

None of those players are with the Marlins any longer, as you surely surmised. Another nugget: 

Rare feat, that. Garrett Cooper led the charge with four hits and a homer. The only Brewers moundsman to not allow a baserunner? That would be utility man Hernan Perez

Anyhow, the Marlins as recently as May 15 were a remarkably miserable 10-31 on the season. Since then, though, they've gone 12-5 (3-0 in June!) and won four of their last five series. Thanks to that run, they no longer have the worst record in baseball. Obviously, Tuesday night was the high point of the season for the rebuilding Marlins.