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Shohei Ohtani is the envy of the sports world after signing a 10-year contract worth $700 million with the Los Angeles Dodgers on Saturday. That deal makes him the highest-paid athlete in the world, and Ohtani's contract prompted reactions from legends across multiple sports.

Ohtani has passed former Los Angeles Angels teammate Mike Trout for the biggest contract in MLB, and he has jumped international soccer icon Cristiano Ronaldo for the biggest contract in all sports. Ohtani will now average $70 million per year for the next decade, and he will do so while playing for one of the most recognizable franchises in American sports.

"This is a unique, historic contract for a unique, historic player. Shohei is thrilled to be a part of the Dodgers organization," Ohtani's agent Nez Balelo said in a statement. "He is excited to begin this partnership, and he structured his contract to reflect a true commitment from both sides to long-term success."

When the details of Ohtani's contract hit social media, few could believe their eyes. That includes Patrick Mahomes, the highest-paid player in the NFL, who had to do a double take when he saw the news.

Here are the best reactions from around the sports world to Ohtani's record-setting $700 million contract.

Dodgers minority owner and NBA Hall of Famer Magic Johnson

Johnson, like many others in Los Angeles, was thrilled to see Ohtani decide to go from Angel red to Dodger blue. It should also be noted how much bigger contracts have gotten since Johnson was dazzling fans on the court in L.A. The $700 million Ohtani just earned is nearly 20 times the roughly $40 million Johnson made in his entire NBA career.

Patrick Mahomes, J.J. Watt can't believe their eyes

Mahomes is the third-highest paid athlete in the world and the richest player in NFL history, but his contract is still $250 million lighter than Ohtani. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback could only tip his hat to Ohtani.

J.J. Watt, a three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year, only made about $130 million in his 12 seasons of action. Needless to say, his mind was blown by $700 million.

Freddie Freeman reacts to his new teammate

Ohtani's new teammate, Freddie Freeman, is also very well compensated by the Dodgers. Freeman makes an average of $27 million per year on his $162 million contract, and he is fired up that the team is reloading for yet another run at the World Series.

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