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UFC 302 might be the last time we see Dustin Poirier in the Octagon. Poirier is set to challenge UFC lightweight champion Islam Makhachev in Newark, New Jersey, on June 1 as he takes his third -- and seemingly final -- crack at an undisputed title that has eluded him throughout his career. 

"I'm capable of anything. I can climb back to this spot and fight again for the world title. I can do anything. I can grind back to it. I know I can," Poirier told CBS Sports when asked whether it's "now or never" for him at UFC 302. "It's just that I don't have it in me, and I'm not going to do it again. 

"I'm not going to climb the ladder again. I've been doing this a long time. It's a very selfish sport. I'm ready to be a father and be a husband and be home and be into a routine. I wouldn't say I can't do it again. I can do it again. It's just ... this is it for me."

Poirier, 35, is seriously considering retiring after his pay-per-view headliner against Makhachev. He would not commit fully to whether he will ultimately retire on June 1 but said the fight's result may not impact his decision in either direction.

"I'm not sure, man. This could be the last one," Poirier explained. "... I'm still on the fence, win or lose. I just want to be content with my career." 

Poirier already ranks among the greatest fighters to never become undisputed champion. Asked whether he'd be content with that reputation, he said that would come in time should he fail June 1. Until then, he marches towards UFC 302 looking to complete a remarkable underdog story.

"It's a thing where I have to digest it and be OK with it because that's how life goes," Poirier said. "Of course, I'm looking at the brighter side and trying to be positive that I'm going to finish the story and seal the deal and become undisputed lightweight champ after my 31st fight in the UFC.

"What a story that would be."