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Red Bull is smashing Formula One records and a couple trophies along the way. For the second consecutive week, a Red Bull trophy has broken due to some overzealous celebration. 

Max Verstappen won Sunday's Belgian Grand Prix, extending his winning streak to eight to leave him just one shy of Sebastian Vettel's all-time record of nine consecutive wins in 2013. This victory also means Red Bull has now won 13 consecutive races. However, the team has been struggling to actually get the hardware to a display case.

Last week, Lando Norris apologized for accidentally breaking Verstappen's Hungarian Grand Prix trophy -- which took Herend Porcelain six months to make by hand and had cost around $45,000. This Sunday, the team's official Twitter account shared a video of the latest champagne celebration gone wrong with the caption, "Not again..."

After the celebratory team photo following Verstappen's win, the team dispersed to avoid the champagne shower. However, the commotion led to a sign falling on top of the trophy and knocking it over. Helmut Marko, an advisor to Red Bull, acted quickly and protected the two other trophies that were on display.

"It's broken again," Verstappen said after turning around to witness what had just happened. "The trophy has broken again." 

Following the first trophy incident, Herend Porcelain CEO Attila Simon said his company would get Verstappen a replacement. Red Bull will hope for the same after what went down after the Belgian Grand Prix. 

Red Bull has won all 12 races in 2023, and on Sunday the team took home a one-two podium finish with Sergio Perez placing second 22.3 seconds behind Verstappen. Ferrari's Charles Leclerc finished third.

F1 is now on a break until the next race on Aug. 27, which should give Red Bull plenty of time to perhaps make some adjustments to their celebration methods -- or at least come prepared with super glue.