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When Pat Riley was recruiting Chris Bosh to the Miami Heat in 2010, he used his own past championship experience as a selling point. Before the meeting between the two sides wrapped up, Riley pulled out his collection of championship rings, and even went as far as to let Bosh keep one of them -- the 2006 championship ring Riley won as Miami's head coach. Bosh reflected on this meeting during his Hall of Fame induction speech on Saturday night. 

"He took out this velvet bag full of championship rings and he dumped them all across the table," Bosh said of Riley. "He picked one up, and he looked me dead in my eyes and he said, 'You give it back to me when we win one together.'" 

Riley's pitch obviously worked as Bosh went on to sign with the Heat, and though the two did indeed go on to win two titles together, Bosh never got around to returning the ring to Riley -- until Saturday night. 

"Now, when I think about it, it was crazy because I hadn't even agreed to sign with Miami," Bosh said. "But that's Pat. And we did win a ring together, two of them, but I never gave back the one he loaned me because for whatever reason I wanted to wait for the right moment. I figured this would be a good moment." 

Bosh then proceeded to return the ring to Riley in what proved to be a very nice moment between the two. Check it out below: 

In addition to Riley, three of Bosh's former Heat teammates -- LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Ray Allen -- were also in attendance to show their support. Overall, the night was a memorable one for Bosh, who will be remembered as one of the best players in Heat history.