The 2023 NFL season saw a lot of surprise standouts, exceptional rookies and difference-makers who fell in the draft. With the 2024 NFL Draft approaching, teams are hoping to find those stars who will make a big impact on the upcoming season.

Sometimes, the players who end up having the biggest seasons are the more obvious early-round picks. But there are also the sleeper picks teams get lucky with.

On the CBS Sports' "With the First Pick" podcast, NFL Draft analyst Ryan Wilson and former Minnesota Vikings GM Rick Spielman gave their takes on who the next version of some 2023 NFL Draft studs could be. From finding the next C.J. Stroud, to Puka Nacua to Sam LaPorta, see who they think can live up to last season's rookie performances:

QB C.J. Stroud

Who is the next instant impact quarterback?

Rick Spielman: Caleb Williams (USC)

Spielman made a bold prediction, saying there is a 95% chance or higher that Caleb Williams has Stroud-level success next season. As long as the Bears handle him the right way, Spielman said he has more than enough ability athletically to have a great season, like Stroud. If they handle him the wrong way, Spielman admitted that he'd be totally wrong.

Ryan Wilson: Jayden Daniels (LSU)

Wilson noted that Stroud "exceeded everyone's expectations on earth," so is there anyone who can have a season like his in 2024? His pick is Jayden Daniels, saying the QB elevated his draft stock in the last year and can continue that "arrow pointing upwards." In the right system, which in this case he is assuming would be the Washington Commanders, he can be successful. Wilson noted Kliff Kingsbury would be a good fit and thinks Daniels could be "special." If he ends up with the New England Patriots, Wilson emphatically puts both thumbs down, saying, "that is not going to work."

WR Jayden Reed/Rashee Rice

Who is the next second-round impact wide receiver?

Spielman: Ricky Pearsall (Florida), Roman Wilson (Michigan)

Spielman predicted his two picks, Ricky Pearsall and Roman Wilson, both go in the second round. He compared Pearsall to Rice and Wilson to Reed in terms of their body types and the spots they will fill. He believes Wilson will be more successful in the NFL than he was in college. If Spielman had to select one of them first, he would choose Pearsall. 

Wilson: Troy Franklin (Oregon)

Wilson noted that Franklin may be on the smaller side, but thinks he showed some good qualities this offseason. He predicts that Franklin will be off the board in the top 75. Spielman chimed in, saying Franklin struggles when defenses get more physical with him, and that is something he needs to work on.

WR Puka Nacua

Who is the next stud late-round wide receiver?

Spielman: Malik Washington (Virginia), Jacob Cowing (Arizona)

"I love his build, he's built like a running back," Spielman said of Malik Washington, adding that he has run-after-catch skills. Another player Spielman said can be an impact late-round receiver is Cowing, who he calls a "really good athlete." He said he has good speed and that size is the only concern. Spielman notes that slot receivers are becoming more and more valuable and thinks Cowing will be beneficial for a team next year.

Wilson: Bub Means (Pittsburgh)

Wilson's pick is Bub Means, who he said is a "big target" with a large catch radius. Means can make catches over defensive backs and can make plays when needed. Spielman slightly combated the take, saying Means is stiff and that is something teams will need to be aware of.

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TE Sam LaPorta

Who is the next high-impact tight end?

Spielman: Ben Sinnott (Kansas State), Jared Wiley (TCU)

Ben Sinnott is a "chip on your shoulder guy" who will give teams everything he has, Spielman said. He added that Sinnott is one of the more complete tight ends and teams can do a lot with him. Spielman said Jared Wiley can create mismatches, and while he may not be a blocker, he can help out an offense in their passing game.

Wilson: Theo Johnson (Penn State)

Wilson's pick was Theo Johnson, calling out a good Senior Bowl and solid athletic testing as his reasons along with having a big catch radius and run-after-catch ability. Spielman disagreed with the take, challenging each of Wilson's pros for Johnson. 

Brian Branch

Who is the next overlooked defensive back?

Spielman: Javon Bullard (Georgia), Max Melton (Rutgers)

Javon Bullard is "instinctive," smart" and "plays hard," Spielman said. He added that Bullard's play speed does not match Branch's, and while he is slightly undersized, he is a solid player who can make an impact. Spielman noted that Max Melton can force turnovers, and he believes Melton is moving up on teams' draft boards. 

Wilson: Jaden Hicks (Washington State)

Wilson said Jaden Hicks can play deep, something Spielman quickly disagreed with. Spielman said he is better at the line of scrimmage and would not want him down the field. Wilson said that if a team can get Hicks in the third round, it should feel great about the pick. 

RB De'Von Achane

Who is the next dynamic Day 2 running back?

Spielman: Jaylen Wright (Tennessee)

Spielman said Jaylen Wright has a chance to be an "explosive playmaker." He said the running back needs to be a little more physical and is curious to see if Wright can develop more as a receiver. 

Wilson: Bucky Irving (Oregon)

Wilson said Bucky Irving is an asset in the pass game, and while he is undersized, he can run through tackles. Spielman said he looks explosive on tape, but some of his tests raise concerns that he is not as fast or explosive as it seems on the field.

DT Kobie Turner 

Who is the next underrated defensive lineman who will be a difference-maker?

Spielman: Michael Hall Jr. (Ohio State), Braden Fiske (Florida State)

Michael Hall Jr. is going to be an inside pass rusher, Spielman predicted. Braden Fiske is quick off the snap and is rising in the pre-draft process. Spielman said they both struggle against bigger players and in combination blocks, but thinks both will make an impact in their rookie season. 

Wilson: Brandon Dorlus (Oregon)

In a rare moment, Wilson and Spielman agree on a pick. Wilson said Brandon Dorlus has strong hands and a strong build. Spielman added that he has enough athleticism to develop into a really strong player, if someone can work with him and if Dorlus puts in the work.

QB Aidan O'Connell 

Who is the next reliable Day 3 backup who can come in and start some games?

Spielman: Michael Pratt (Tulane), Spencer Rattler (South Carolina)

Michael Pratt has grown on Spielman, saying he is a better athlete than he first thought. His offseason work, including his Pro Day, were notable, and Spielman predicts he will be a good backup who can come in and win a few games. Spielman also said "I got to give [Spencer Rattler] credit ... he was very mature," recalling when he interviewed the quarterback. The main concern is the decision-making, emphasizing that it is "feast or famine" with Rattler.

Wilson: Spencer Rattler

Wilson would take Rattler in the third round, but Spielman would take him later, and would take Pratt first. Wilson has been on the Rattler train for some time and maintains his stance that Rattler is a solid prospect.

The 2024 NFL Draft will take place from April 25-27 in Detroit. More draft coverage can be found at CBSSports.com, including the weekly updated draft ordermock drafts and a regularly available look at the eligible prospects