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The 2023 NFL season is a little more than halfway complete. Every team in the league has played either eight or nine games to date, and the playoff picture is starting to become clearer with each passing day. With that in mind, we are running back our preseason predictions, and updating them for the halfway point. 

How will things shake out through the rest of the regular season? We're glad you asked. We gathered our panel of experts (senior NFL writers Pete Prisco and Will Brinson, and NFL writers Ryan Wilson, John Breech, Jared Dubin, and Tyler Sullivan) to re-predict the order of finish for every division, the wild-card teams, and which team will both win and lose the Super Bowl. 

Here are a few notes before we get to the predictions:

  • As you might expect, there is much more agreement in this version of the predictions than there was back in the preseason, when our panel was as divided as ever. 
  • We have a unanimous winner for every division except the AFC East and NFC South, and there are two divisions where every panelist has the exact same order of finish. 
  • We have 11 consensus playoff teams: the Dolphins, Ravens, Bengals, Jaguars, Chiefs, Eagles, Cowboys, Lions, Saints, 49ers, and Seahawks.
  • Teams with only one or two voters picking them to make the playoffs: Texans, Steelers, and Falcons. 
  • Only two of our experts changed their Super Bowl winner, while just one changed their Super Bowl loser. As a result, we have vastly different Super Bowl matchups and winners, with very little agreement to go around.  
  • The only teams that multiple voters picked to reach the Super Bowl: Ravens (2), Jaguars (2), Eagles (2), and 49ers (2). Both experts that picked the Ravens also picked the Eagles, but the voters were split as to which team would win, while neither team that picked the Jaguars to reach the Super Bowl had them winning it.

Alright, let's get to these predictions.

Super Bowl Picks