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The 2023 NFL season is fast approaching the midway point, when all 32 clubs take stock of their direction. Some will buckle in for a legitimate push at the playoffs. Others may swallow the tough pill of reality, casting an eye toward next offseason. But every one of them has reason to make -- or take -- calls ahead of the in-season trade deadline.

When is the deadline? What does it mean? Which players could be dealt? And what else do you need to know?

Fret not. We've got you covered:

What is the NFL trade deadline?

Simple: it's the cutoff for any trades between teams until the official start of the 2024 offseason (March 13). After the deadline, veterans can only be added via free agency or waivers.

When is the deadline?

The deadline is 4 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Oct. 31. In other words, NFL trick-or-treating comes a few hours early on Halloween!

Do deadline deals actually happen?

Yes! The NFL isn't consistently as frenetic as other pro sports leagues (think NBA or MLB), but in-season moves have become much more common in the last decade or so. Today's general managers are frequently looking ahead to either rent or auction players on expiring contracts, with Pro Bowlers like Christian McCaffrey, Jalen Ramsey and Von Miller among recent stars to be dealt.

Which teams are probable buyers?

Jordan Dajani has these five clubs listed as logical candidates to be aggressive:

  • Chiefs: The reigning champions just welcomed back Mecole Hardman, but they could explore additional pass-catching depth.
  • Cowboys: With injuries on almost every level of their playmaking defense, they could be after a plug-and-play starter.
  • Eagles: Also banged up at the back end of the defense, the reigning NFC champions are always capable of making a splash.
  • Jets: How long can they afford to wait for quarterback Aaron Rodgers to return from injury? O-line help would also be nice.
  • Lions: Hot out of the gate at 5-2, Detroit could look to add a premium addition in the trenches after a Week 7 shellacking.

Which teams are probable sellers?

Just about anyone at the basement of the standings, to be honest. But here are a few frontrunners:

  • Broncos: At 2-5, even coming off a win, Sean Payton could be interested in collecting resources for down the line.
  • Giants: Brian Daboll's offense remains a mess with a banged-up QB and still-lackluster OL and skill group.
  • Panthers: An 0-6 start all but guarantees a sale. QB Bryce Young needs future reinforcements like anyone.
  • Patriots: Bill Belichick isn't one to punt on a season, but at 2-5, you can't rule out a forward-thinking move.
  • Titans: With aging offensive "weapons" in Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry, it's probably time to look ahead.

Which big names could be dealt?

Here are 24 notable veterans who could be available ahead of the deadline:

Are most likely to be moved? No. In fact, the biggest -- Cousins -- is a safer bet to stay put. The QB has a no-trade clause he'd be required to waive, and while Cousins didn't explicitly rule out doing so when asked about it recently, reports indicate the Vikings veteran intends to stay put until his contract expires following the season.

If you're looking for the most likely big names to move, keep an eye on Jeudy, who's been a subject of trade rumors for more than a year; Burns, who's failed to land a long-term deal from Carolina and was reportedly part of trade discussions a year ago; and Hunter, who's part of an admitted "competitive rebuild" in Minnesota and has gone year-to-year with contract disputes.

Logical trade proposals

We proposed 15 different big-name trade possibilities right here. Check them out and see where your favorite team stands!