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There is just one day left of the 2024 NFL Draft, with Rounds 2 and 3 concluding Friday night. Teams are continuing to fill their rosters and address needs as they prepare for the upcoming season.

On the latest episode of CBS Sports' "With the First Pick" podcast, NFL Draft analyst Ryan Wilson and former Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman discuss the most recent rounds, giving their home runs and head-scratchers from Day 2.

In such a deep class, Wilson and Spielman agreed that a lot of teams got really good value in the second round. Players who could have been first-rounders in another draft got selected in Round 2 because of the amount of talent in this year's class. 

Home runs


Wilson had Ben Sinnott as the No. 2 tight end in the draft, which is where he went, but he was surprised they took wide receiver Luke McCaffrey when they did. Spielman expressed faith in general manager Adam Peters and feels the Commanders will have a quick turnaround. He says Washington got significantly better in the last two days. 


The Eagles took cornerback Quinyon Mitchell with the No. 22 pick in Round 1, a great value for the team. The team then traded up to No. 40 to get cornerback Cooper DeJean, which was another positive addition, Wilson and Spielman agreed. 

Edge rusher Jalyx Hunt was their No. 94 overall pick, and Wilson believes he is someone Philadelphia can develop as he has the physical tools a lot of players don't possess.

Spielman added that Hunt has athleticism and pass rush moves that cannot be taught. The areas he is lacking in are coachable and he is a pick that will help the team in the future.

The Eagles struggled on defense last year, but what was a weakness just became a strength. 


Wilson called out the Bills in the first round for trading their pick to their rival Kansas City Chiefs, but apologized, admitting he was wrong. Spielman chimed in, emphasizing that there is more than one day in the draft. He complimented Bills general manager Brandon Beane, saying he is one of the best personnel people in the league. The team added wide receiver Keon Coleman, safety Cole Bishop and defensive tackle DeWayne Carter, adding depth and addressing their needs. Spielman likes that they took physical players because they hold up better in the cold and through the playoffs. 


The Steelers get an "A" and Wilson says it was a "great draft." The two love the fit of wide receiver Roman Wilson, and while linebacker Payton Wilson has injury concerns, they think he can put in the work to be successful in the league. Spielman says this is going to be a physical offense with an emphasis on running the ball. 


Spencer Rattler

Spencer Rattler has not yet been drafted and there were no quarterbacks drafted in Round 2 or 3. Wilson notes that typically quarterbacks in the second round and beyond do not work out, so teams wait to draft them until later and address other needs first. Spielman adds that a lot of the quarterbacks in the later rounds will be backups.

Jordan Travis and Joe Milton

The two expected quarterback Jordan Travis to fall as he returns from a gruesome leg injury, so they are not surprised that he is still on the board.

Spielman predicts that a team could take a swing at quarterback Joe Milton in the sixth or seventh round.

Running backs

Running backs did not see a lot of action, and the two discuss whether that's because the position doesn't have as much value in the league, or because the talent is lacking. Of the running backs taken, Spielman believes Jonathon Brooks, who went to the Carolina Panthers at No. 46, will be the most productive by the end of the 2024 season. 

Tight ends

Other than the three already drafted -- Brock Bowers (Round 1), Ben Sinnott (Round 2), Tip Reiman (Round 3) -- tight end was another position that did not see as many picks. They discuss many of the top tight ends still on the board entering Day 3, including Theo Johnson, Ja'Tavion Sanders and Cade Stover, who Spielman thought would have gone in the second or third round. He says Stover has a lot of upside to him and as a linebacker converted to tight end has a great ability to run block. 


The Falcons are undeniably the team with the most questionable draft pick, taking quarterback Michael Penix Jr., after signing Kirk Cousins this offseason. Wilson and Spielman complimented their offseason work, but questioned why they did not take players who could help them win now. Spielman said the team could have selected players who not only helped them win the division, but advance in the playoffs.


The Patriots moved down to take wide receiver Ja'Lynn Polk, but Wilson and Spielman believe there were better and easier choices on the board. Adonai Mitchell and Ladd McConkey are two players they preferred over Polk.