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Congratulations, NFL fans. You've made it one step closer toward the 2024 season with the official release of this year's schedule. Last week, all 32 teams received their schedules for the upcoming season.

Several matchups were revealed prior to Wednesday night, including the season's opening game between the Chiefs and Ravens in a rematch of last year's AFC Championship and Aaron Rodgers and the Jets facing the defending NFC champion 49ers in San Francisco in the first "Monday Night Football" matchup of the season. On Tuesday, CBS announced that the Bengals and Chiefs would renew their rivalry in Kansas City in Week 2. 

So, what about the other games on the schedule? Don't worry, we've got you covered with each team's entire schedule, including the time of kickoff and what channel each game will be on. 

Arizona Cardinals 

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/8/2024Arizona Cardinals at Buffalo Bills1:00pCBS
9/15/2024Arizona Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Rams4:05pFOX
9/22/2024Arizona Cardinals vs. Detroit Lions4:25pFOX
9/29/2024Arizona Cardinals vs. Washington Commanders4:05pFOX
10/6/2024Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers4:05pFOX
10/13/2024Arizona Cardinals at Green Bay Packers1:00pFOX
10/21/2024Arizona Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Chargers9:00pESPN+
10/27/2024Arizona Cardinals at Miami Dolphins1:00pFOX
11/3/2024Arizona Cardinals vs. Chicago Bears4:05pCBS
11/10/2024Arizona Cardinals vs. New York Jets4:25pCBS

Week 11 bye

11/24/2024Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks4:25pFOX
12/1/2024Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings1:00pFOX
12/8/2024Arizona Cardinals vs. Seattle Seahawks4:05pCBS
12/15/2024Arizona Cardinals vs. New England Patriots4:25pCBS
12/22/2024Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers1:00pFOX
12/28/2024Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles RamsTBDTBD
1/5/2025Arizona Cardinals vs. San Francisco 49ersTBDTBD

Atlanta Falcons

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/8/2024Atlanta Falcons vs. Pittsburgh Steelers1:00pFOX
9/16/2024Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles8:15pESPN
9/22/2024Atlanta Falcons vs. Kansas City Chiefs8:20pNBC
9/29/2024Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints1:00pFOX
10/3/2024Atlanta Falcons vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers8:15pPrime Video
10/13/2024Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers4:25pFOX
10/20/2024Atlanta Falcons vs. Seattle Seahawks1:00pFOX
10/27/2024Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers1:00pFOX
11/3/2024Atlanta Falcons vs. Dallas Cowboys1:00pFOX
11/10/2024Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints1:00pFOX
11/17/2024Atlanta Falcons at Denver Broncos4:05pFOX

Week 12 bye

12/1/2024Atlanta Falcons vs. Los Angeles Chargers1:00pCBS
12/8/2024Atlanta Falcons at Minnesota Vikings1:00pFOX
12/16/2024Atlanta Falcons at Las Vegas Raiders8:30pESPN*
12/22/2024Atlanta Falcons vs. New York Giants1:00pFOX
12/28/2024Atlanta Falcons at Washington CommandersTBDTBD
1/5/2025Atlanta Falcons vs. Carolina PanthersTBDTBD

Baltimore Ravens 

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/5/2024Baltimore Ravens at Kansas City Chiefs8:20pNBC
9/15/2024Baltimore Ravens vs. Las Vegas Raiders1:00pCBS
9/22/2024Baltimore Ravens at Dallas Cowboys4:25pFOX
9/29/2024Baltimore Ravens vs. Buffalo Bills8:20pNBC
10/6/2024Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals1:00pCBS
10/13/2024Baltimore Ravens vs. Washington Commanders1:00pCBS
10/21/2024Baltimore Ravens at Tampa Bay Buccaneers8:15pESPN
10/27/2024Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns1:00pCBS
11/3/2024Baltimore Ravens vs. Denver Broncos1:00pCBS
11/7/2024Baltimore Ravens vs. Cincinnati Bengals8:15pPrime Video
11/17/2024Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers1:00pCBS
11/25/2024Baltimore Ravens at Los Angeles Chargers8:15pESPN*
12/1/2024Baltimore Ravens vs. Philadelphia Eagles4:25pCBS

Week 14 bye

12/15/2024Baltimore Ravens at New York Giants1:00pCBS
12/21/2024Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers4:30pFOX
12/25/2024Baltimore Ravens at Houston Texans4:30pNetflix
1/5/2025Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland BrownsTBDTBD

Buffalo Bills 

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/8/2024Buffalo Bills vs. Arizona Cardinals1:00pCBS
9/12/2024Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins8:15pPrime Video
9/23/2024Buffalo Bills vs. Jacksonville Jaguars7:30pESPN
9/29/2024Buffalo Bills at Baltimore Ravens8:20pNBC
10/6/2024Buffalo Bills at Houston Texans1:00pCBS
10/14/2024Buffalo Bills at New York Jets8:15pESPN
10/20/2024Buffalo Bills vs. Tennessee Titans1:00pCBS
10/27/2024Buffalo Bills at Seattle Seahawks4:05pFOX
11/3/2024Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins1:00pCBS
11/10/2024Buffalo Bills at Indianapolis Colts1:00pCBS
11/17/2024Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs4:25pCBS

Week 12 bye

12/1/2024Buffalo Bills vs. San Francisco 49ers8:20pNBC*
12/8/2024Buffalo Bills at Los Angeles Rams4:25pFOX
12/15/2024Buffalo Bills at Detroit Lions4:25pCBS
12/22/2024Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots1:00pCBS
12/29/2024Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets1:00pCBS
1/5/2025Buffalo Bills at New England PatriotsTBDTBD

Carolina Panthers 

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/8/2024Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints1:00pFOX
9/15/2024Carolina Panthers vs. Los Angeles Chargers1:00pCBS
9/22/2024Carolina Panthers at Las Vegas Raiders4:05pCBS
9/29/2024Carolina Panthers vs. Cincinnati Bengals1:00pFOX
10/6/2024Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears1:00pFOX
10/13/2024Carolina Panthers vs. Atlanta Falcons4:25pFOX
10/20/2024Carolina Panthers at Washington Commanders4:05pCBS
10/27/2024Carolina Panthers at Denver Broncos4:25pCBS
11/3/2024Carolina Panthers vs. New Orleans Saints1:00pCBS
11/10/2024Carolina Panthers vs. New York Giants (Germany)9:30aNFLN

Week 11 bye

11/24/2024Carolina Panthers vs. Kansas City Chiefs1:00pCBS
12/1/2024Carolina Panthers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers4:05pFOX
12/8/2024Carolina Panthers at Philadelphia Eagles1:00pFOX
12/15/2024Carolina Panthers vs. Dallas Cowboys1:00pFOX
12/22/2024Carolina Panthers vs. Arizona Cardinals1:00pFOX
12/29/2024Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers1:00pCBS
1/5/2025Carolina Panthers at Atlanta FalconsTBDTBD

Chicago Bears 

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/8/2024Chicago Bears vs. Tennessee Titans1:00pFOX
9/15/2024Chicago Bears at Houston Texans8:20pNBC
9/22/2024Chicago Bears at Indianapolis Colts1:00pCBS
9/29/2024Chicago Bears vs. Los Angeles Rams1:00pFOX
10/6/2024Chicago Bears vs. Carolina Panthers1:00pFOX
10/13/2024Chicago Bears vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (London)9:30aNFLN

Week 7 bye

10/27/2024Chicago Bears at Washington Commanders1:00pCBS
11/3/2024Chicago Bears at Arizona Cardinals4:05pCBS
11/10/2024Chicago Bears vs. New England Patriots1:00pFOX
11/17/2024Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers1:00pFOX
11/24/2024Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings1:00pFOX
11/28/2024Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions12:30pCBS
12/8/2024Chicago Bears at San Francisco 49ers4:25pFOX
12/16/2024Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings8:00pABC*
12/22/2024Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions1:00pFOX
12/26/2024Chicago Bears vs. Seattle Seahawks8:15pPrime Video*
1/5/2025Chicago Bears at Green Bay PackersTBDTBD

Cincinnati Bengals 

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/8/2024Cincinnati Bengals vs. New England Patriots1:00pCBS
9/15/2024Cincinnati Bengals at Kansas City Chiefs4:25pCBS
9/23/2024Cincinnati Bengals vs. Washington Commanders8:15pABC
9/29/2024Cincinnati Bengals at Carolina Panthers1:00pFOX
10/6/2024Cincinnati Bengals vs. Baltimore Ravens1:00pCBS
10/13/2024Cincinnati Bengals at New York Giants8:20pNBC*
10/20/2024Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns1:00pCBS
10/27/2024Cincinnati Bengals vs. Philadelphia Eagles4:25pCBS
11/3/2024Cincinnati Bengals vs. Las Vegas Raiders1:00pFOX
11/7/2024Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens8:15pPrime Video
11/17/2024Cincinnati Bengals at Los Angeles Chargers4:25pCBS

Week 12 bye

12/1/2024Cincinnati Bengals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers1:00pCBS
12/9/2024Cincinnati Bengals at Dallas Cowboys8:15pESPN/ABC*
12/15/2024Cincinnati Bengals at Tennessee Titans1:00pFOX
12/19/2024Cincinnati Bengals vs. Cleveland Browns8:15pPrime Video*
12/28/2024Cincinnati Bengals vs. Denver BroncosTBDTBD
1/5/2025Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh SteelersTBDTBD

Cleveland Browns 

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/8/2024Cleveland Browns vs. Dallas Cowboys4:25pFOX
9/15/2024Cleveland Browns at Jacksonville Jaguars1:00pCBS
9/22/2024Cleveland Browns vs. New York Giants1:00pFOX
9/29/2024Cleveland Browns at Las Vegas Raiders4:25pCBS
10/6/2024Cleveland Browns at Washington Commanders1:00pFOX
10/13/2024Cleveland Browns at Philadelphia Eagles1:00pFOX
10/20/2024Cleveland Browns vs. Cincinnati Bengals1:00pCBS
10/27/2024Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens1:00pCBS
11/3/2024Cleveland Browns vs. Los Angeles Chargers1:00pCBS

Week 10 bye

11/17/2024Cleveland Browns at New Orleans Saints1:00pFOX
11/21/2024Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers8:15pPrime Video
12/2/2024Cleveland Browns at Denver Broncos8:15pESPN*
12/8/2024Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers1:00pCBS
12/15/2024Cleveland Browns vs. Kansas City Chiefs1:00pCBS
12/19/2024Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals8:15pPrime Video*
12/29/2024Cleveland Browns vs. Miami Dolphins8:20pNBC*
1/5/2025Cleveland Browns at Baltimore RavensTBDTBD

Dallas Cowboys 

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/8/2024Dallas Cowboys at Cleveland Browns4:25pFOX
9/15/2024Dallas Cowboys vs. New Orleans Saints1:00pFOX
9/22/2024Dallas Cowboys vs. Baltimore Ravens4:25pFOX
9/26/2024Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants8:15pPrime Video
10/6/2024Dallas Cowboys at Pittsburgh Steelers8:20pNBC*
10/13/2024Dallas Cowboys vs. Detroit Lions4:25pFOX

Week 7 bye

10/27/2024Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49ers8:20pNBC*
11/3/2024Dallas Cowboys at Atlanta Falcons1:00pFOX
11/10/2024Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles4:25pCBS
11/18/2024Dallas Cowboys vs. Houston Texans8:15pESPN
11/24/2024Dallas Cowboys at Washington Commanders1:00pFOX
11/28/2024Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants4:30pFOX
12/9/2024Dallas Cowboys vs. Cincinnati Bengals8:15pESPN/ABC*
12/15/2024Dallas Cowboys at Carolina Panthers1:00pFOX
12/22/2024Dallas Cowboys vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers8:20pNBC*
12/29/2024Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles4:25pFOX
1/5/2025Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington CommandersTBDTBD

Denver Broncos 

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/8/2024Denver Broncos at Seattle Seahawks4:05pCBS
9/15/2024Denver Broncos vs. Pittsburgh Steelers4:25pCBS
9/22/2024Denver Broncos at Tampa Bay Buccaneers1:00pFOX
9/29/2024Denver Broncos at New York Jets1:00pCBS
10/6/2024Denver Broncos vs. Las Vegas Raiders4:05pFOX
10/13/2024Denver Broncos vs. Los Angeles Chargers4:05pCBS
10/17/2024Denver Broncos at New Orleans Saints8:15pPrime Video
10/27/2024Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers4:25pCBS
11/3/2024Denver Broncos at Baltimore Ravens1:00pCBS
11/10/2024Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs1:00pCBS
11/17/2024Denver Broncos vs. Atlanta Falcons4:05pFOX
11/24/2024Denver Broncos at Las Vegas Raiders4:05pCBS
12/2/2024Denver Broncos vs. Cleveland Browns8:15pESPN*

Week 14 bye

12/15/2024Denver Broncos vs. Indianapolis Colts4:25pCBS
12/22/2024Denver Broncos at Los Angeles Chargers4:05pFOX
12/28/2024Denver Broncos at Cincinnati BengalsTBDTBD
1/5/2025Denver Broncos vs. Kansas City ChiefsTBDTBD

Detroit Lions 

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/8/2024Detroit Lions vs. Los Angeles Rams8:20pNBC
9/15/2024Detroit Lions vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers1:00pFOX
9/22/2024Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals4:25pFOX
9/30/2024Detroit Lions vs. Seattle Seahawks8:15pABC

Week 5 bye

10/13/2024Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys4:25pFOX
10/20/2024Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings1:00pFOX
10/27/2024Detroit Lions vs. Tennessee Titans1:00pFOX
11/3/2024Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers4:25pFOX
11/10/2024Detroit Lions at Houston Texans8:20pNBC*
11/17/2024Detroit Lions vs. Jacksonville Jaguars1:00pCBS
11/24/2024Detroit Lions at Indianapolis Colts1:00pFOX
11/28/2024Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears12:30pCBS
12/5/2024Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers8:15pPrime Video*
12/15/2024Detroit Lions vs. Buffalo Bills4:25pCBS
12/22/2024Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears1:00pFOX
12/30/2024Detroit Lions at San Francisco 49ers8:15pESPN/ABC*
1/5/2025Detroit Lions vs. Minnesota VikingsTBDTBD

Green Bay Packers

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/6/2024Green Bay Packers at Philadelphia Eagles (Brazil)8:15pPeacock
9/15/2024Green Bay Packers vs. Indianapolis Colts1:00pFOX
9/22/2024Green Bay Packers at Tennessee Titans1:00pFOX
9/29/2024Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings1:00pCBS
10/6/2024Green Bay Packers at Los Angeles Rams4:25pCBS
10/13/2024Green Bay Packers vs. Arizona Cardinals1:00pFOX
10/20/2024Green Bay Packers vs. Houston Texans1:00pCBS
10/27/2024Green Bay Packers at Jacksonville Jaguars1:00pFOX
11/3/2024Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions4:25pFOX

Week 10 bye

11/17/2024Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears1:00pFOX
11/24/2024Green Bay Packers vs. San Francisco 49ers4:25pFOX
11/28/2024Green Bay Packers vs. Miami Dolphins8:20pNBC
12/5/2024Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions8:15pPrime Video*
12/15/2024Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks8:20pNBC*
12/23/2024Green Bay Packers vs. New Orleans Saints8:15pESPN*
12/29/2024Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings1:00pFOX
1/5/2025Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago BearsTBDTBD

Houston Texans

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/8/2024Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts1:00pCBS
9/15/2024Houston Texans vs. Chicago Bears8:20pNBC
9/22/2024Houston Texans at Minnesota Vikings1:00pCBS
9/29/2024Houston Texans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars1:00pCBS
10/6/2024Houston Texans vs. Buffalo Bills1:00pCBS
10/13/2024Houston Texans at New England Patriots1:00pCBS
10/20/2024Houston Texans at Green Bay Packers1:00pCBS
10/27/2024Houston Texans vs. Indianapolis Colts1:00pCBS
10/31/2024Houston Texans at New York Jets8:15pPrime Video
11/10/2024Houston Texans vs. Detroit Lions8:20pNBC*
11/18/2024Houston Texans at Dallas Cowboys8:15pESPN
11/24/2024Houston Texans vs. Tennessee Titans1:00pCBS
12/1/2024Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars1:00pFOX

Week 14 bye

12/15/2024Houston Texans vs. Miami Dolphins1:00pCBS
12/21/2024Houston Texans at Kansas City Chiefs1:00pNBC
12/25/2024Houston Texans vs. Baltimore Ravens4:30pNetflix
1/5/2025Houston Texans at Tennessee TitansTBDTBD

Indianapolis Colts 

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/8/2024Indianapolis Colts vs. Houston Texans1:00pCBS
9/15/2024Indianapolis Colts at Green Bay Packers1:00pFOX
9/22/2024Indianapolis Colts vs. Chicago Bears1:00pCBS
9/29/2024Indianapolis Colts vs. Pittsburgh Steelers1:00pCBS
10/6/2024Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars1:00pCBS
10/13/2024Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans1:00pCBS
10/20/2024Indianapolis Colts vs. Miami Dolphins1:00pFOX
10/27/2024Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans1:00pCBS
11/3/2024Indianapolis Colts at Minnesota Vikings1:00pCBS
11/10/2024Indianapolis Colts vs. Buffalo Bills1:00pCBS
11/17/2024Indianapolis Colts at New York Jets8:20pNBC*
11/24/2024Indianapolis Colts vs. Detroit Lions1:00pFOX
12/1/2024Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots1:00pCBS

Week 14 bye

12/15/2024Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos4:25pCBS
12/22/2024Indianapolis Colts vs. Tennessee Titans1:00pCBS
12/28/2024Indianapolis Colts at New York GiantsTBDTBD
1/5/2025Indianapolis Colts vs. Jacksonville JaguarsTBDTBD

Jacksonville Jaguars 

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/8/2024Jacksonville Jaguars at Miami Dolphins1:00pCBS
9/15/2024Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Cleveland Browns1:00pCBS
9/23/2024Jacksonville Jaguars at Buffalo Bills7:30pESPN
9/29/2024Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans1:00pCBS
10/6/2024Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Indianapolis Colts1:00pCBS
10/13/2024Jacksonville Jaguars at Chicago Bears (London)9:30aNFLN
10/20/2024Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New England Patriots (London)9:30aNFLN
10/27/2024Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Green Bay Packers1:00pFOX
11/3/2024Jacksonville Jaguars at Philadelphia Eagles8:20pNBC*
11/10/2024Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Minnesota Vikings1:00pFOX
11/17/2024Jacksonville Jaguars at Detroit Lions1:00pCBS

Week 12 bye

12/1/2024Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Houston Texans1:00pFOX
12/8/2024Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans1:00pCBS
12/15/2024Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New York Jets1:00pFOX
12/22/2024Jacksonville Jaguars at Las Vegas Raiders4:25pCBS
12/29/2024Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Tennessee Titans1:00pCBS
1/5/2025Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis ColtsTBDTBD

Kansas City Chiefs 

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/5/2024Kansas City Chiefs vs. Baltimore Ravens8:20pNBC
9/15/2024Kansas City Chiefs vs. Cincinnati Bengals4:25pCBS
9/22/2024Kansas City Chiefs at Atlanta Falcons8:20pNBC
9/29/2024Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Chargers4:25pCBS
10/7/2024Kansas City Chiefs vs. New Orleans Saints8:15pESPN

Week 6 bye

10/20/2024Kansas City Chiefs at San Francisco 49ers4:25pFOX
10/27/2024Kansas City Chiefs at Las Vegas Raiders4:25pCBS
11/4/2024Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers8:15pESPN
11/10/2024Kansas City Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos1:00pCBS
11/17/2024Kansas City Chiefs at Buffalo Bills4:25pCBS
11/24/2024Kansas City Chiefs at Carolina Panthers1:00pCBS
11/29/2024Kansas City Chiefs vs. Las Vegas Raiders3:00pPrime Video
12/8/2024Kansas City Chiefs vs. Los Angeles Chargers8:20pNBC*
12/15/2024Kansas City Chiefs at Cleveland Browns1:00pCBS
12/21/2024Kansas City Chiefs vs. Houston Texans1:00pNBC
12/25/2024Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers1:00pNetflix
1/5/2025Kansas City Chiefs at Denver BroncosTBDTBD

Las Vegas Raiders 

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/8/2024Las Vegas Raiders at Los Angeles Chargers4:05pCBS
9/15/2024Las Vegas Raiders at Baltimore Ravens1:00pCBS
9/22/2024Las Vegas Raiders vs. Carolina Panthers4:05pCBS
9/29/2024Las Vegas Raiders vs. Cleveland Browns4:25pCBS
10/6/2024Las Vegas Raiders at Denver Broncos4:05pFOX
10/13/2024Las Vegas Raiders vs. Pittsburgh Steelers4:05pCBS
10/20/2024Las Vegas Raiders at Los Angeles Rams4:05pCBS
10/27/2024Las Vegas Raiders vs. Kansas City Chiefs4:25pCBS
11/3/2024Las Vegas Raiders at Cincinnati Bengals1:00pFOX

Week 10 bye

11/17/2024Las Vegas Raiders at Miami Dolphins1:00pCBS
11/24/2024Las Vegas Raiders vs. Denver Broncos4:05pCBS
11/29/2024Las Vegas Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs3:00pPrime Video
12/8/2024Las Vegas Raiders at Tampa Bay Buccaneers1:00pCBS
12/16/2024Las Vegas Raiders vs. Atlanta Falcons8:30pESPN*
12/22/2024Las Vegas Raiders vs. Jacksonville Jaguars4:25pCBS
12/29/2024Las Vegas Raiders at New Orleans Saints1:00pFOX
1/5/2025Las Vegas Raiders vs. Los Angeles ChargersTBDTBD

Los Angeles Chargers 

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/8/2024Los Angeles Chargers vs. Las Vegas Raiders4:05pCBS
9/15/2024Los Angeles Chargers at Carolina Panthers1:00pCBS
9/22/2024Los Angeles Chargers at Pittsburgh Steelers1:00pCBS
9/29/2024Los Angeles Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs4:25pCBS

Week 5 bye

10/13/2024Los Angeles Chargers at Denver Broncos4:05pCBS
10/21/2024Los Angeles Chargers at Arizona Cardinals9:00pESPN+
10/27/2024Los Angeles Chargers vs. New Orleans Saints4:05pFOX
11/3/2024Los Angeles Chargers at Cleveland Browns1:00pCBS
11/10/2024Los Angeles Chargers vs. Tennessee Titans4:05pFOX
11/17/2024Los Angeles Chargers vs. Cincinnati Bengals4:25pCBS
11/25/2024Los Angeles Chargers vs. Baltimore Ravens8:15pESPN*
12/1/2024Los Angeles Chargers at Atlanta Falcons1:00pCBS
12/8/2024Los Angeles Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs8:20pNBC*
12/15/2024Los Angeles Chargers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers4:25pFOX
12/22/2024Los Angeles Chargers vs. Denver Broncos4:05pFOX
12/28/2024Los Angeles Chargers at New England PatriotsTBDTBD
1/5/2025Los Angeles Chargers at Las Vegas RaidersTBDTBD

Los Angeles Rams 

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/8/2024Los Angeles Rams at Detroit Lions8:20pNBC
9/15/2024Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals4:05pFOX
9/22/2024Los Angeles Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers4:25pFOX
9/29/2024Los Angeles Rams at Chicago Bears1:00pFOX
10/6/2024Los Angeles Rams vs. Green Bay Packers4:25pCBS

Week 6 bye

10/20/2024Los Angeles Rams vs. Las Vegas Raiders4:05pCBS
10/24/2024Los Angeles Rams vs. Minnesota Vikings8:15pPrime Video
11/3/2024Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks4:25pFOX
11/11/2024Los Angeles Rams vs. Miami Dolphins8:15pESPN
11/17/2024Los Angeles Rams at New England Patriots1:00pFOX
11/24/2024Los Angeles Rams vs. Philadelphia Eagles8:20pNBC*
12/1/2024Los Angeles Rams at New Orleans Saints4:05pFOX
12/8/2024Los Angeles Rams vs. Buffalo Bills4:25pFOX
12/12/2024Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers8:15pPrime Video*
12/22/2024Los Angeles Rams at New York Jets1:00pCBS
12/28/2024Los Angeles Rams vs. Arizona CardinalsTBDTBD
1/5/2025Los Angeles Rams vs. Seattle SeahawksTBDTBD

Miami Dolphins 

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/8/2024Miami Dolphins vs. Jacksonville Jaguars1:00pCBS
9/12/2024Miami Dolphins vs. Buffalo Bills8:15pPrime Video
9/22/2024Miami Dolphins at Seattle Seahawks4:05pCBS
9/30/2024Miami Dolphins vs. Tennessee Titans7:30pESPN
10/6/2024Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots1:00pFOX

Week 6 bye

10/20/2024Miami Dolphins at Indianapolis Colts1:00pFOX
10/27/2024Miami Dolphins vs. Arizona Cardinals1:00pFOX
11/3/2024Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills1:00pCBS
11/11/2024Miami Dolphins at Los Angeles Rams8:15pESPN
11/17/2024Miami Dolphins vs. Las Vegas Raiders1:00pCBS
11/24/2024Miami Dolphins vs. New England Patriots1:00pCBS
11/28/2024Miami Dolphins at Green Bay Packers8:20pNBC
12/8/2024Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets1:00pCBS
12/15/2024Miami Dolphins at Houston Texans1:00pCBS
12/22/2024Miami Dolphins vs. San Francisco 49ers4:25pCBS
12/29/2024Miami Dolphins at Cleveland Browns8:20pNBC*
1/5/2025Miami Dolphins at New York JetsTBDTBD

Minnesota Vikings 

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/8/2024Minnesota Vikings at New York Giants1:00pFOX
9/15/2024Minnesota Vikings vs. San Francisco 49ers1:00pCBS
9/22/2024Minnesota Vikings vs. Houston Texans1:00pCBS
9/29/2024Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers1:00pCBS
10/6/2024Minnesota Vikings vs. New York Jets (London)9:30aNFLN

Week 6 bye

10/20/2024Minnesota Vikings vs. Detroit Lions1:00pFOX
10/24/2024Minnesota Vikings at Los Angeles Rams8:15pPrime Video
11/3/2024Minnesota Vikings vs. Indianapolis Colts1:00pCBS
11/10/2024Minnesota Vikings at Jacksonville Jaguars1:00pFOX
11/17/2024Minnesota Vikings at Tennessee Titans1:00pCBS
11/24/2024Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears1:00pFOX
12/1/2024Minnesota Vikings vs. Arizona Cardinals1:00pFOX
12/8/2024Minnesota Vikings vs. Atlanta Falcons1:00pFOX
12/16/2024Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears8:00pABC*
12/22/2024Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks4:05pFOX
12/29/2024Minnesota Vikings vs. Green Bay Packers1:00pFOX
1/5/2025Minnesota Vikings at Detroit LionsTBDTBD

New England Patriots 

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/8/2024New England Patriots at Cincinnati Bengals1:00pCBS
9/15/2024New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks1:00pFOX
9/19/2024New England Patriots at New York Jets8:15pPrime Video
9/29/2024New England Patriots at San Francisco 49ers4:05pFOX
10/6/2024New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins1:00pFOX
10/13/2024New England Patriots vs. Houston Texans1:00pCBS
10/20/2024New England Patriots at Jacksonville Jaguars (London)9:30aNFLN
10/27/2024New England Patriots vs. New York Jets1:00pCBS
11/3/2024New England Patriots at Tennessee Titans1:00pFOX
11/10/2024New England Patriots at Chicago Bears1:00pFOX
11/17/2024New England Patriots vs. Los Angeles Rams1:00pFOX
11/24/2024New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins1:00pCBS
12/1/2024New England Patriots vs. Indianapolis Colts1:00pCBS

Week 14 bye

12/15/2024New England Patriots at Arizona Cardinals4:25pCBS
12/22/2024New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills1:00pCBS
12/28/2024New England Patriots vs. Los Angeles ChargersTBDTBD
1/5/2025New England Patriots vs. Buffalo BillsTBDTBD

New Orleans Saints 

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/8/2024New Orleans Saints vs. Carolina Panthers1:00pFOX
9/15/2024New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys1:00pFOX
9/22/2024New Orleans Saints vs. Philadelphia Eagles1:00pFOX
9/29/2024New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons1:00pFOX
10/7/2024New Orleans Saints at Kansas City Chiefs8:15pESPN
10/13/2024New Orleans Saints vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers1:00pFOX
10/17/2024New Orleans Saints vs. Denver Broncos8:15pPrime Video
10/27/2024New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Chargers4:05pFOX
11/3/2024New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers1:00pCBS
11/10/2024New Orleans Saints vs. Atlanta Falcons1:00pFOX
11/17/2024New Orleans Saints vs. Cleveland Browns1:00pFOX

Week 12 bye

12/1/2024New Orleans Saints vs. Los Angeles Rams4:05pFOX
12/8/2024New Orleans Saints at New York Giants1:00pFOX
12/15/2024New Orleans Saints vs. Washington Commanders1:00pFOX
12/23/2024New Orleans Saints at Green Bay Packers8:15pESPN*
12/29/2024New Orleans Saints vs. Las Vegas Raiders1:00pFOX
1/5/2025New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay BuccaneersTBDTBD

New York Giants 

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/8/2024New York Giants vs. Minnesota Vikings1:00pFOX
9/15/2024New York Giants at Washington Commanders1:00pFOX
9/22/2024New York Giants at Cleveland Browns1:00pFOX
9/26/2024New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys8:15pPrime Video
10/6/2024New York Giants at Seattle Seahawks4:25pCBS
10/13/2024New York Giants vs. Cincinnati Bengals8:20pNBC*
10/20/2024New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles1:00pFOX
10/28/2024New York Giants at Pittsburgh Steelers8:15pESPN/ABC
11/3/2024New York Giants vs. Washington Commanders1:00pFOX
11/10/2024New York Giants at Carolina Panthers (Germany)9:30aNFLN

Week 11 bye

11/24/2024New York Giants vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers1:00pCBS
11/28/2024New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys4:30pFOX
12/8/2024New York Giants vs. New Orleans Saints1:00pFOX
12/15/2024New York Giants vs. Baltimore Ravens1:00pCBS
12/22/2024New York Giants at Atlanta Falcons1:00pFOX
12/28/2024New York Giants vs. Indianapolis ColtsTBDTBD
1/5/2025New York Giants at Philadelphia EaglesTBDTBD

New York Jets 

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/9/2024New York Jets at San Francisco 49ers8:15pESPN/ABC
9/15/2024New York Jets at Tennessee Titans1:00pCBS
9/19/2024New York Jets vs. New England Patriots8:15pPrime Video
9/29/2024New York Jets vs. Denver Broncos1:00pCBS
10/6/2024New York Jets at Minnesota Vikings (London)9:30aNFLN
10/14/2024New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills8:15pESPN
10/20/2024New York Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers8:20pNBC*
10/27/2024New York Jets at New England Patriots1:00pCBS
10/31/2024New York Jets vs. Houston Texans8:15pPrime Video
11/10/2024New York Jets at Arizona Cardinals4:25pCBS
11/17/2024New York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts8:20pNBC*

Week 12 bye

12/1/2024New York Jets vs. Seattle Seahawks1:00pFOX
12/8/2024New York Jets at Miami Dolphins1:00pCBS
12/15/2024New York Jets at Jacksonville Jaguars1:00pFOX
12/22/2024New York Jets vs. Los Angeles Rams1:00pCBS
12/29/2024New York Jets at Buffalo Bills1:00pCBS
1/5/2025New York Jets vs. Miami DolphinsTBDTBD

Philadelphia Eagles 

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/6/2024Philadelphia Eagles vs. Green Bay Packers (Brazil)8:15pPeacock
9/16/2024Philadelphia Eagles vs. Atlanta Falcons8:15pESPN
9/22/2024Philadelphia Eagles at New Orleans Saints1:00pFOX
9/29/2024Philadelphia Eagles at Tampa Bay Buccaneers1:00pFOX

Week 5 bye

10/13/2024Philadelphia Eagles vs. Cleveland Browns1:00pFOX
10/20/2024Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants1:00pFOX
10/27/2024Philadelphia Eagles at Cincinnati Bengals4:25pCBS
11/3/2024Philadelphia Eagles vs. Jacksonville Jaguars8:20pNBC*
11/10/2024Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys4:25pCBS
11/14/2024Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Commanders8:15pPrime Video
11/24/2024Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Rams8:20pNBC*
12/1/2024Philadelphia Eagles at Baltimore Ravens4:25pCBS
12/8/2024Philadelphia Eagles vs. Carolina Panthers1:00pFOX
12/15/2024Philadelphia Eagles vs. Pittsburgh Steelers4:25pFOX
12/22/2024Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Commanders1:00pFOX
12/29/2024Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys4:25pFOX
1/5/2025Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York GiantsTBDTBD

Pittsburgh Steelers

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/8/2024Pittsburgh Steelers at Atlanta Falcons1:00pFOX
9/15/2024Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos4:25pCBS
9/22/2024Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Los Angeles Chargers1:00pCBS
9/29/2024Pittsburgh Steelers at Indianapolis Colts1:00pCBS
10/6/2024Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Dallas Cowboys8:20pNBC*
10/13/2024Pittsburgh Steelers at Las Vegas Raiders4:05pCBS
10/20/2024Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New York Jets8:20pNBC*
10/28/2024Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New York Giants8:15pESPN/ABC

Week 9 bye

11/10/2024Pittsburgh Steelers at Washington Commanders1:00pCBS
11/17/2024Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens1:00pCBS
11/21/2024Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns8:15pPrime Video
12/1/2024Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals1:00pCBS
12/8/2024Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns1:00pCBS
12/15/2024Pittsburgh Steelers at Philadelphia Eagles4:25pFOX
12/21/2024Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens4:30pFOX
12/25/2024Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Kansas City Chiefs1:00pNetflix
1/5/2025Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cincinnati BengalsTBDTBD

San Francisco 49ers 

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/9/2024San Francisco 49ers vs. New York Jets8:15pESPN/ABC
9/15/2024San Francisco 49ers at Minnesota Vikings1:00pCBS
9/22/2024San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams4:25pFOX
9/29/2024San Francisco 49ers vs. New England Patriots4:05pFOX
10/6/2024San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals4:05pFOX
10/10/2024San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks8:15pPrime Video
10/20/2024San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs4:25pFOX
10/27/2024San Francisco 49ers vs. Dallas Cowboys8:20pNBC*

Week 9 bye

11/10/2024San Francisco 49ers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers1:00pFOX
11/17/2024San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks4:05pFOX
11/24/2024San Francisco 49ers at Green Bay Packers4:25pFOX
12/1/2024San Francisco 49ers at Buffalo Bills8:20pNBC*
12/8/2024San Francisco 49ers vs. Chicago Bears4:25pFOX
12/12/2024San Francisco 49ers vs. Los Angeles Rams8:15pPrime Video*
12/22/2024San Francisco 49ers at Miami Dolphins4:25pCBS
12/30/2024San Francisco 49ers vs. Detroit Lions8:15pESPN/ABC*
1/5/2025San Francisco 49ers at Arizona CardinalsTBDTBD

Seattle Seahawks 

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/8/2024Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos4:05pCBS
9/15/2024Seattle Seahawks at New England Patriots1:00pFOX
9/22/2024Seattle Seahawks vs. Miami Dolphins4:05pCBS
9/30/2024Seattle Seahawks at Detroit Lions8:15pABC
10/6/2024Seattle Seahawks vs. New York Giants4:25pCBS
10/10/2024Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers8:15pPrime Video
10/20/2024Seattle Seahawks at Atlanta Falcons1:00pFOX
10/27/2024Seattle Seahawks vs. Buffalo Bills4:05pFOX
11/3/2024Seattle Seahawks vs. Los Angeles Rams4:25pFOX

Week 10 bye

11/17/2024Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers4:05pFOX
11/24/2024Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals4:25pFOX
12/1/2024Seattle Seahawks at New York Jets1:00pFOX
12/8/2024Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals4:05pCBS
12/15/2024Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers8:20pNBC*
12/22/2024Seattle Seahawks vs. Minnesota Vikings4:05pFOX
12/26/2024Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears8:15pPrime Video*
1/5/2025Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles RamsTBDTBD

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/8/2024Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Washington Commanders4:25pFOX
9/15/2024Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Detroit Lions1:00pFOX
9/22/2024Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Denver Broncos1:00pFOX
9/29/2024Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Philadelphia Eagles1:00pFOX
10/3/2024Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons8:15pPrime Video
10/13/2024Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints1:00pFOX
10/21/2024Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Baltimore Ravens8:15pESPN
10/27/2024Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Atlanta Falcons1:00pFOX
11/4/2024Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Kansas City Chiefs8:15pESPN
11/10/2024Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. San Francisco 49ers1:00pFOX

Week 11 bye

11/24/2024Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New York Giants1:00pCBS
12/1/2024Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers4:05pFOX
12/8/2024Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Las Vegas Raiders1:00pCBS
12/15/2024Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Los Angeles Chargers4:25pFOX
12/22/2024Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Dallas Cowboys8:20pNBC*
12/29/2024Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Carolina Panthers1:00pCBS
1/5/2025Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New Orleans SaintsTBDTBD

Tennessee Titans 

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/8/2024Tennessee Titans at Chicago Bears1:00pFOX
9/15/2024Tennessee Titans vs. New York Jets1:00pCBS
9/22/2024Tennessee Titans vs. Green Bay Packers1:00pFOX
9/30/2024Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins7:30pESPN

Week 5 bye

10/13/2024Tennessee Titans vs. Indianapolis Colts1:00pCBS
10/20/2024Tennessee Titans at Buffalo Bills1:00pCBS
10/27/2024Tennessee Titans at Detroit Lions1:00pFOX
11/3/2024Tennessee Titans vs. New England Patriots1:00pFOX
11/10/2024Tennessee Titans at Los Angeles Chargers4:05pFOX
11/17/2024Tennessee Titans vs. Minnesota Vikings1:00pCBS
11/24/2024Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans1:00pCBS
12/1/2024Tennessee Titans at Washington Commanders1:00pCBS
12/8/2024Tennessee Titans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars1:00pCBS
12/15/2024Tennessee Titans vs. Cincinnati Bengals1:00pFOX
12/22/2024Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts1:00pCBS
12/29/2024Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars1:00pCBS
1/5/2025Tennessee Titans vs. Houston TexansTBDTBD

Washington Commanders 

DateMatchupTime (ET)TV
9/8/2024Washington Commanders at Tampa Bay Buccaneers4:25pFOX
9/15/2024Washington Commanders vs. New York Giants1:00pFOX
9/23/2024Washington Commanders at Cincinnati Bengals8:15pABC
9/29/2024Washington Commanders at Arizona Cardinals4:05pFOX
10/6/2024Washington Commanders vs. Cleveland Browns1:00pFOX
10/13/2024Washington Commanders at Baltimore Ravens1:00pCBS
10/20/2024Washington Commanders vs. Carolina Panthers4:05pCBS
10/27/2024Washington Commanders vs. Chicago Bears1:00pCBS
11/3/2024Washington Commanders at New York Giants1:00pFOX
11/10/2024Washington Commanders vs. Pittsburgh Steelers1:00pCBS
11/14/2024Washington Commanders at Philadelphia Eagles8:15pPrime Video
11/24/2024Washington Commanders vs. Dallas Cowboys1:00pFOX
12/1/2024Washington Commanders vs. Tennessee Titans1:00pCBS

Week 14 bye

12/15/2024Washington Commanders at New Orleans Saints1:00pFOX
12/22/2024Washington Commanders vs. Philadelphia Eagles1:00pFOX
12/28/2024Washington Commanders vs. Atlanta FalconsTBDTBD
1/5/2025Washington Commanders at Dallas CowboysTBDTBD