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Since their first meeting in 1969, the Jets and Giants have battled for the right to lay claim as the Big Apple's superior pro football team. That battle for supremacy will play out on the gridiron once again this Sunday in a game that promises to be a highly contested showdown. 

While the two teams (and fan bases) continue to debate which team is better, what would a roster of the team's all-time best players look like? We decided to find out by putting together an "All-Gotham Team" ahead of Sunday's showdown. As you can imagine, this 53-man roster includes scores of Hall of Famers and all-time franchise legends. Unfortunately, several Big Apple legends did't make the cut. 

So, did we get it right? Take a look for yourself. 

*- denotes players currently in the Pro Football Hall of Fame 




Joe Namath, NYJ*

Eli Manning, NYG

Phil Simms 


Curtis Martin, NYJ*

Frank Gifford, NYG*

Tiki Barber, NYG
FBMatt Snell, NYJ

WRDon Maynard, NYJ*Odell Beckham Jr., NYG
WRAmani Toomer, NYGPlaxico Burress, NYG
WRAl Toon, NYJWesley Walker, NYJ
LT Winston Hill, NYJ*Rosey Brown, NYG*
LG Randy Rasmussen, NYJDavid Diehl, NYG
CKevin Mawae, NYJ*Mel Hein, NYG*
RGChris Snee, NYGDave Herman, NYJ 
RTMarvin Powell, NYJDavid Diehl, NYG
TEMark Bavaro, NYGJeremy Shockey, NYG

Biggest roster snub: WR Wayne Chrebet, NYJ

Chrebet is a beloved fan favorite with Jets fans, and for good reason. But we couldn't exclude the player we picked instead, Burress, who capped off the Giants' historic upset over the Patriots with the game-winning touchdown catch. Burress also had a monster game in the Giants' epic win in Lambeau Field two weeks earlier. 

It was also tough to not put Super Bowl XXV MVP Ottis Anderson on the roster, but there was simply nowhere to put Anderson given the immense talent both teams have at running back. While he didn't crack our roster, Anderson will always have a spot in Giants' lore after leading Big Blue to a "super" upset win over the Bills

Gifford, one of the backs who did make the cut, was perhaps the franchise's first star players. He was a highly versatile player who was the offensive catalyst behind the Giants' first championship in 1956. 

While the '80s Jets were largely known for their defense, wideouts Toon and Walker weren't overlooked during the construction of this roster. Walker spent 13 years with the Jets and led the NFL in receiving yards in 1978. Giants fans remember Toon for his touchdown catch in the final moments of the 1988 regular season that eliminated Big Blue from playoff contender.




Michael Strahan, NYG*

Justin Tuck, NYG


Marty Lyons, NYJ

Rosey Grier, NYG

NTJoe Klecko, NYJ*


Gerry Philbin, NYJ

Shaun Ellis, NYJ


Mark Gastineau, NYJ

Leonard Marshall, NYG


Lawrence Taylor, NYG*

Mo Lewis, NYJ


Harry Carson, NYG*

Jessie Armstead, NYG


Sam Huff, NYG*

Mo Lewis, NYJ


Larry Grantham, NYJ

Carl Banks, NYG


Darrelle Revis, NYJ*

Johnny Sample, NYJ


Dick Lynch, NYG

Willie Williams, NYG

FSJimmy Patton, NYGBill Baird, NYJ
SSEmlen Tunnell, NYG*Victor Green, NYJ

Biggest roster snub: DE John Abraham, NYJ 

Abraham was a highly efficient player during his half-dozen years with the Jets. His position, though, was one of the toughest ones to make on our roster. 

Jets fans likely noticed that three-fourths of the iconic "New York Sack Exchange" defensive line cracked our starting lineup. Giants fans also probably noticed that three-fourths of the roster's starting linebacker corps played for Big Blue. The group is spearheaded by Taylor, who many regard as the greatest defensive player of all-time. 

Special Teams 



Jim Turner, NYJ


Dave Jennings, NYG


Zak DeOssie, NYG

KREmlen Tunnell, NYG* 
Amani Toomer, NYG
PREmlen Tunnell, NYG* 
Amani Toomer, NYG

Biggest roster snub: K Lawrence Tynes, NYG 

Tynes made several clutch kicks during the Giants' two most recent Super Bowl runs. But the nod ultimately went to Turner, whose three field goals in Super Bowl III helped the Jets pull off the biggest upset in pro football history.