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Week 16 of the NFL season is a particularly festive one as it falls on Christmas weekend. With a full slate of games on Christmas Eve and a few more on Christmas Day, some players are getting in the holiday spirit, down to their pregame outfits.

Many decided to show their holiday cheer with holiday sweaters, themed cleats and one player even went full costume for the celebration. From full costumes to ugly sweaters, arrivals to stadiums were particularly fun this week.

Here are some of the best looks from Week 16:

Vikings running back Najee Thompson certainly went all out this week.

The Grinch has arrived.

We have a feeling the Grinch would love these cleats and it may finally answer his question of, "but what would I wear?!"

Grinch apparel was very popular this year.

VERY popular.

Jets linebacker C.J. Mosley's suit screams Christmas in the best way possible, hard to get more festive than a head-to-toe Santa hat and candy cane patterned fit.

Aaron Rodgers went on the more simpler side, with a sweater referencing a classic Christmas film.

Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs look on Saturday was not very holiday themed, but it was too bold not to include.