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Some people accuse sports in general of being too "buddy-buddy," while also saying rivalries don't exist anymore.

Well, that certainly isn't the case in the NFL's AFC East division. In an interview on VladTV earlier this month, Buffalo Bills left tackle Dion Dawkins had plenty to say about the New York Jets, particularly Jets defensive lineman Michael Clemons, who he called "bitch boy." Dawkins accused Clemons of igniting the postgame skirmish in the tunnel at Buffalo's Highmark Stadium after a 32-6 Bills victory in Week 11. 

"Weirdos being weird," Dawkins said when asked about getting into it with the Jets.

According to Dawkins, Clemons got the animosity going on the field during that Nov. 19 contest by trash-talking Bills quarterback Josh Allen

"First of all, why are you talking to my quarterback? Don't talk to my quarterback," Dawkins said. "Stay over there. Don't say nothing to none of my guys. Just stay over there, son. Don't talk to 17. I'm really serious about that. Don't talk to him. Don't say nothing to him at all, right?"  

Tensions then escalated when Clemons began cursing out a number of Bills players, yelling out their jersey numbers to get their attention, per Dawkins. 

"He went down the whole team, everybody on the field, pointing at us and just yapping his beat," Dawkins said. "What am I supposed to do? I'm the OG. I've been on this line for the longest. I'm the one that's going to punch you in your face."

This day has clearly left a sour impression on Dawkins as he declared his hatred for the entire team with the exception of Jets All-Pro defensive tackle Quinnen Williams

"I hate them, all of them, bro," Dawkins said. "When it comes to sports, there are people that play the sport because they love the sport. And then there's people that play the sport just to try to be cool. I feel like they play the sport to try to be cool. Those are a bunch of dudes that just want to take pictures on Instagram. That's whack."

"The rest of them, don't care, don't like them," Dawkins clarified after saying Williams is "valid" and that he likes him.

One player on the Jets' side of this conflict, All-Pro corner Sauce Gardner, is apparently learning of this issue for the first time through Dawkins' video. For these two teams, the 2024 season can't come quickly enough

"I play this game because I love it and it takes care of my family," Gardner tweeted on Monday. "It also gives me a platform to inspire the youth. I have no 'NFL beef' with anybody. I didn't know that was a thing 'til I just watched this video."