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Trevor Lawrence and the Jacksonville Jaguars pulled off a historic comeback against the Los Angeles Chargers last Saturday night in the AFC playoffs. After the 31-30 victory, the quarterback knew exactly where he wanted to celebrate: Waffle House.

It was an unusual decision for an NFL player, but Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes liked the idea and called it a "baller move." When asked about where he celebrated his first ever playoff win, he said couldn't remember. However, Lawrence might have inspired him to find something unique if the Chiefs beat the Jaguars this coming Saturday.

"I can't remember exactly, but I'm sure there were a couple of Coors Light that were drank," Mahomes said in a press conference this week. "I didn't get Waffle House, that's a baller move, man. Maybe If we win this one I'll have to think of somewhere to go that can match that."

This conversation started after video and photos of Lawrence celebrating in the chain restaurant went viral a few days ago. According to Sportskeeda, the Clemson alumn makes well over $9 million per year. However, he chose to go to a staple of the South where you can get filling breakfast items for around $10.

Lawrence is a fan of the restaurant, but he later explained that he did it because teammates Brandon Scherff and E.J. Perry had never been to a Waffle House and he wanted to find the perfect time to introduce them to it. 

"A week or two ago, I was saying we've got to go to one after the game," Lawrence said during a press conference. "Last week I told them, 'once we win on Sunday [against the Chargers] we're going to Waffle House.'"

The restaurant doesn't typically take reservations, but his wife Marissa called ahead to make sure there was enough room for their group. Lawrence doesn't have a specific go-to order, but he was hungry that night and ordered Texas bacon cheesesteak, hashbrowns with cheese and a pecan waffle.

The Chiefs and Jaguars are set to face off in the AFC divisional round on Saturday at 4:30 p.m. ET at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium.