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Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce's relationship with pop superstar Taylor Swift has changed his and his family's lives, for better or worse, with more eyes on them than ever before. During an appearance on "The Big Podcast "with Shaquille O'Neal, Jason Kelce said his three-time Super Bowl champion brother even had to move to a new house due to his increasing fame.

"I've learned that it's crazy what it opens up opportunity wise," Jason Kelce said. "It's crazy to feel how much joy you bring people, how much you affect people's daily lives."

However, not everything that comes with an extreme level of fame is positive.

"It has its drawbacks for sure," he added. "Travis knows more than I do. He had to completely move out of his house."

Jason Kelce said people were just hanging out by his brother's house, and the move was due to privacy concerns. Unfortunately, even the new house didn't make the problem completely disappear. 

"The first day [Travis Kelce] moved into the new house, a gated community, somebody knocks on a window of the house," Kelce explained. 

O'Neal, who is one of the most popular figures in NBA history, understands what it's like for people to constantly take his picture. He said the key to handling it all is "to stay righteous" because if you are not doing anything bad, there is nothing to hide. 

"We are still learning," Jason Kelce said. "We've always been big in the football world, Travis specially. The Taylor world and pop culture, that's a whole different level. It's a new demographic that wasn't there before."

The Philadelphia Eagles center also has other important things to think about. He has been with the Eagles since they drafted him in the sixth round of the 2011 NFL Draft, and there have been rumors about the 36-year-old considering retirement. However, nothing is official and Kelce said he has not made a decision yet. 

"Still figuring it out," Kelce told O'Neal. "I think if I still want to play, I'm going to play. I think right now we're not far enough away from the last game. It's emotional, it's a long season -- the end of the season quite frankly, awful. So I'm just going to take some time, rest, recoup and then figure it out."