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One of the more impactful plays in the Kansas City Chiefs' playoff win over the Buffalo Bills came early in the fourth quarter when the Bills ran an unsuccessful fake punt in their own territory. Everyone, including Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, were puzzled by that call from Buffalo in such an important spot.

On fourth-and-five at their own 30-yard line, the Bills ran a fake punt in which Damar Hamlin was stopped by the Chiefs' special teams unit. The play looked doomed from the start, and Kelce was as flabbergasted as he was excited, he explained on the "New Heights" podcast.

"Initially, I'm like, 'What in the f--k are they doing?'" Kelce said. "Fourth-and-five in your own territory at that point in the game, that's not your fake call right there, especially in the playoffs where everything is on the line."

After some thought, Kelce realized the Bills might have automatically checked to the fake at the line of scrimmage because the Chiefs only had 10 defenders on the field. Perhaps Buffalo saw an opportunity to pick up an easy first down, but Kansas City was all over the trick play, despite being short-handed.

"I think there had to have been a check," Kelce said. "Our punt return team only had 10 guys out on the field. With that being said, I think some teams and some coaches might have an automatic audible. If they're missing a guy, take advantage of that. Go to whatever side has the least amount of guys, and just run an outside sweep and hope your guys can get a body on a body."

That play wound up not costing the Bills much except field position because Chiefs wide receiver Mecole Hardman fumbled the ball through the end zone less than a minute later to give Buffalo the ball back.

The Bills punted on that drive and essentially ended the game on a missed field goal with 1:47 remaining on their final drive of the game. That allowed the Chiefs to win, 27-24, and advance to the AFC Championship Game. Buffalo fans will be left to wonder what would have happened if the team had been able to convert on that fourth-down attempt.