LAS VEGAS -- Micah Parsons once joked that if Dan Quinn ever left the Dallas Cowboys, he might "take me with him." Days after Quinn was introduced as the Washington Commanders' new head coach, Parsons doubled down on his support of the former defensive coordinator, telling CBS Sports that Quinn is going to return Washington to relevance.

"I would say it was already a competitive division," Parsons said of the NFC East. "He's just adding an extra piece to it. He's going to turn that Commanders team around, and I'm super excited to go against him."

Until then, the Defensive Player of the Year finalist is making the rounds ahead of Super Bowl LVIII, spreading the good word about his former coordinator. That included a Thursday visit to Vegas' flagship Lids store, where he joined Fanatics, plus Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin and Las Vegas Raiders star Davante Adams, in surprising 20 Make-A-Wish kids with a shopping spree.

"This means everything to me," Parsons said of meeting his young fans, who will also be treated to Super Bowl tickets. "You know, when life goes so fast, with everything going on, you kinda remember that you are a person, too. It brings you all the way down to ground zero, makes you appreciate what you have and understand that life is so much bigger than you."

While he envisions a step up from the rival Commanders this year, Parsons also took special care to outfit the Make-A-Wish visitors with Cowboys gear, ensuring they're supporting the right team for 2024.

"I told 'em if they had a Micah Parsons jersey, it was getting signed," he joked. "I didn't guide 'em toward them; I just have 'em words of encouragement."