Former Saints quarterback Drew Brees spent 20 years in the NFL and during that time, he became one of the most prolific quarterbacks in league history. Although we'll probably never see another quarterback quite like Brees, there is apparently one current QB who might have the chops to do it: Brock Purdy

During a recent interview with CBS Bay Area, 49ers receiver Willie Snead was asked about Purdy and he said that the second-year quarterback reminded him of a "young Drew." That might sound like a crazy comparison, but if anyone is qualified to make it, it's definitely Snead, who spent three seasons catching passes from Brees in New Orleans. 

"I love Brock," Snead said. "I remember when I first met him last year when I first came in: humble kid, work ethic out of this world. Reminds me of a young Drew."

Although Purdy only has five regular-season starts under his belt, Snead has already seen enough to convince him that he might be playing with the next Brees. 

"I tell him that all the time," Snead said. "He's a really humble kid, comes to work every day with the same mentality to get better. Just to be around a guy like that, it makes you want to come to work and make plays for your quarterback."

So what exactly does Purdy do that makes Snead think of Brees?

"The professionalism, the way he approaches the game, studying, comes to work every day, throwing after practice, taking practice reps seriously," Snead said. "That just implements what Drew was and that's why he was a Hall of Famer." 

Snead definitely realizes that it can be a stretch to compare anyone to Brees, but he also firmly stands by his comparison. 

"It's a stretch to say that, but I've been around that guy, I know what that guy does, Brock has very similar elements to his game," Snead said. 

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Brees went to the NFC title game during his first year with the Saints, which is exactly what Purdy did during his first year with the 49ers last season. Brees ended up notching his first and only Super Bowl win three years later, and the 49ers would be more than thrilled if Purdy were to lead them to a Super Bowl at any point over the next three years. 

Purdy might not be full Brees clone just yet, but if Snead's comparison is right, then the 49ers might have just found their QB for the next two decades. 

As for Snead, after catching 149 career passes from Brees, he'll be hoping to catch a few from Purdy this year, but there's no guarantee that will happen. The veteran receiver will be starting the season on the 49ers practice squad, so it's impossible to know how much playing time he'll see this year in San Francisco.