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BALTIMORE -- Jalen Carter didn't need to prove why he was a top-10 pick in the NFL Draft. Yet, actions speak louder than words. 

On his first NFL snap, Carter easily moved past Ben Cleveland and got to Josh Johnson -- forcing the Baltimore Ravens quarterback out of the pocket. Johnson got the ball away as Carter was bringing him down, getting the Philadelphia Eagles defense off the field. 

One play, one quarterback hit. Not a bad preseason debut. 

"I've been playing football all my life, so you know it's been a moment I've just been waiting for," Carter said. "I was just doing my normal thing rushing, and I felt the guard's presence to my left heavy and I made an inside move." 

"Thought that was pretty awesome. I plan on doing that more."

Carter played just two snaps in Saturday's 20-19 loss to the Ravens, but the Eagles saw the impact he makes when he's on the field. Entrenched with the second team defense throughout training camp, Carter is going to be part of the defensive tackle rotation with Fletcher Cox, Jordan Davis, and Milton Williams

The Eagles traded up to draft Carter for a reason, after all. 

"He is working hard every day, and he's had some really nice plays," Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni said on Carter's performance. "He's very talented, and he's just got to keep working. He still has yet to make a play in the NFL, so he's just got to put his head down and work. 

"But he's put some nice practices back-to-back – back-to-back-to-back, actually, so he's just got put his head down and keep working." 

Carter gave the Eagles a taste of what he provides on the interior, but he had a cheat code when he got on the field. Ravens right guard Ben Cleveland was a teammate at Georgia when Carter was a freshman, so Carter knew a few moves to play to get past him. 

"I watched a little film on him. I expected a few things, but you know, it was my first play, so I just went out there to make a play," Carter said. "I knew it was a pass, we were in a rush front, so I'm thinking pass, really have to get off the ball. 

"I had an outside move in my mind, but seeing him come off the ball the way he did -- I translated it into an inside move. I felt his presence heavy to my left shoulder, so I made an inside move." 

The only regret Carter had on the play? He wasn't able to finish the sack. 

"I was just making sure I had at least wrapped him up because he did try to run off," Carter said. "I got his legs, but I looked up and saw the ball was gone. I was like, 'Dang.'"

A promising start for Carter in what looks to be a bright future in Philadelphia. he still hasn't showed off all the tools in his arsenal -- but that time will come. 

"That was a little example, you know," Carter said. "I still feel I can get better in what I do."