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There were a lot of people who got a shout out during Jason Kelce's retirement press conference Monday, and it's safe to say that if Nick Foles was watching, he'll probably remember the shoutout he got for the rest of his life. 

The former Eagles quarterback got a hilariously inappropriate shoutout from Kelce, and instead of trying to explain what he said, let's just cut to the chase

"I'll never forget Nick Foles having the game of his life on the biggest stage possible and the biggest d--k on the team, going up to Doug Pederson and asking for the Philly Special," Kelce said. "And Doug Pederson having the biggest balls in the stadium, to say 'Yeah, let's do it.'"

Foles hasn't played a single NFL snap in 14 months, and yet, his legend somehow continues to grow. Kelce could have left out the second part of his comment and the story still would have made sense, but Kelce is not someone who ever worries about censoring himself. 

The retiring Eagles center clearly has a lot of respect for Foles for leading Philadelphia to its first and only Super Bowl win in franchise history. 

The win came over the Patriots in Super Bowl LII, and a big reason it happened is because Foles called for the "Philly Special" on a fourth-and-goal play just before halftime. 

Pederson ended up approving the play, which ended with Trey Burton throwing a one-yard score to Foles, who would go on to win Super Bowl MVP following Philly's 41-33 win over the Patriots. 

Based on the speech Kelce gave at the Super Bowl parade following Philly's win, no one should he shocked about the shoutout that he gave to Foles (you can see the parade speech here). 

Kelce's retirement press conference lasted for nearly 45 minutes, and if you want the lowdown on what he had to say, be sure to check out our full story here. We also rounded up some reaction from around the NFL, and you can see that here

The 36-year-old center announced his retirement on Monday after 13 NFL seasons.