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Former NFL defensive back Earl Thomas recently had his identity stolen by a New Orleans man, according to Kevin Thompson, who is currently dating Thomas' ex-wife, Nina, was arrested on multiple charges in June for allegedly using Thomas' identity to steal money and cars from the former NFL star.

According to Sgt. Brandon Veal of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office, Thompson used a driver's license with his own picture combined with Thomas' information to open an account at the Jefferson Federal Credit Union in May 2022.

From there, Thompson allegedly used that account to transfer money from Thomas' actual accounts into the credit union account. Over the course of a year, Thompson pulled at least $700,000 from Thomas' accounts before withdrawing large amounts of cash.

On top of wiring money from Thomas' accounts, Thompson also deposited some of the former defensive back's paychecks into his fraudulent account.

Thompson's actions went beyond cash and extended into vehicles. Thompson was able to use Thomas' abilities to transfer ownership of several cars into his name before selling them. How Thompson got access to the cars is still being investigated by the authorities.

When Thompson was arrested at a branch of the credit union in June, he was driving a blue Rolls-Royce SUV that was owned by Thomas. In total, Thompson stole roughly $1.9 million from Thomas.

Upon his release from jail, Thompson went to the Sheriff's Office to try to retrieve the vehicle, but he did so in a car that was reported stolen from Atlanta and was arrested again. Thompson is currently out on a $730,000 bond, per

Thomas spent 10 seasons in the NFL, and he played for the Seahawks in nine of them. In that time, Thomas was an All-Pro three times and won Super Bowl XLVIII as part of the "Legion of Boom" defense.