For the second time in five years, the New York Jets are getting new uniforms and they unveiled their new look on Monday. 

The Jets are referring to their new uniforms as the "legacy collection" because it's a nod to the team's "Sack Exchange" era, which ran from 1979 to 1989. The last time the Jets released a new uniform came in 2019 and most fans generally hated that look, so the team decided to look to its past to help create the new look, according to Jets president Hymie Elhai. 

"Recreating our uniforms, as well as developing a modernized look for the organization signifies our commitment to progress, remaining innovative, and delivering excellence to our players and fans," Elhai said. "Elevating the New York Jets identity with a refreshed uniform embodies the unity, and a timeless sense of the Sack Exchange era, while empowering every player and generations of fans to stand out and stay true to our team's heritage."

So what do the new uniforms actually look like? Glad you asked. 

Jets owner Woody Johnson shared a photo on social media that shows nearly every single of of the new uniform combinations that the Jets will be able to use. 

Johnson admitted that he heard all the fan grumbles about the last set of uniforms. 

"We work for the fans," Johnson said. "They have consistently asked for us to return to our roots and we heard them. The new uniforms are explicitly designed to look and feel like the New York Jets while refreshing the club's iconic logo -- viewed by fans as our most identifiable mark."

In the photos below, you can see what four of their uniform combinations will look like. 

The new white uniforms are actually similar to the throwback jerseys that the Jets wore last season, except with one difference, they'll be able to wear their white uniforms with green pants this year (Last season, they only wore their white throwbacks with white pants). 

The Jets will also be keeping the black helmet that they first unveiled prior to the 2022 season, which means they'll have the option to wear either a black helmet or a green helmet for each game this year. 

In the video below, you can see Jets' stars like Aaron Rodgers and Sauce Gardner modeling the new uniforms. 

Since the Jets now have new uniforms, that means their old uniforms will be headed to the trash bin after just five seasons. The team released the uniforms below in April 2019 and fans immediately hated the new look. 

Although the new uniforms have only been out for a few hours, NFL fans already seem to like the new look a lot more. 

The Jets are one of four teams who will be unveiling new uniforms before the start of the 2024 NFL Draft on April 25. The Lions (April 8), Broncos (April 22) and Texans (April 23) will all be releasing their new look at some point over the next eight days.