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Jordan Phillips wasn't a fan of Jason Kelce's comments about the Buffalo Bills defensive tackle's attempt to slow down the "tush push." During the Eagles' Week 12 win over the Bills, Phillips jumped offsides and drove right guard Cam Jurgens into the ground. 

Kelce said Phillips should have been fined for the play, which Phillips was not pleased about.

"You look at the "tush push," he dives at somebody's knees every play," Phillips said, via WROC-TV. "He tries to roll them up, so for somebody to speak on playing dirty -- I don't think he has any right or any mean to call for a fine when he does a whole bunch of stuff. I just think it's kind of crazy for him to even mention that. 

"I'm 335 pounds. How am I gonna stop regardless. How do I know that the ball wasn't going. And after I saw him move I put my eyes on him and I'm gonna go."

Kelce ended up blaming the officials for letting that play escalate. 

"I thought that play in particular was absolutely a disgrace that the NFL should not allow," Kelce said last week to WIP. "I really do. 

"I don't know Jordan Phillips, he might be the best guy in the world, but that, in my opinion, the NFL needs to do something about. Because that shouldn't be allowed in this game. I thought the officials did not do a good job of officiating that play. I really did. That was so clearly not an offsides. That was a personal foul. And it should have been stipulated right from that moment."

Phillips retorted by taking a shot at Kelce and getting his podcast involved in the discussion.

"Even if they got that play off, it's either gonna be them hitting us or us hitting them. You can dish it out obviously, but you can't take it? That's just soft," Phillips said. "He's a well respected guy around the league for whatever reason. Now, all of a sudden he has a voice because of his brother's podcast. He thinks he can use it, but the way he uses it doesn't make any sense."