PHILADELPHIA -- The San Francisco 49ers were certainly fired up after the incident involving Dre Greenlaw and Dom DiSandro. The Philadelphia Eagles chief of security was tossed from the game along with Greenlaw after the two made contact with each other in the third quarter. The 49ers outscored the Eagles 21-6 after Philadelphia scored a touchdown on the drive involving the sideline scuffle, preventing the incident from rallying Philadelphia. 

Instead, San Francisco was the team that rallied. 

"I just can't believe someone uninvolved in a football game can taunt our players like that and put their hands in our guy's face," 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan said after the win. "From what I was told, Dre did it back to him and I was told that he mashed him in the face a little bit, so he got ejected. It was a very frustrating play. I got to watch it to have a true opinion on it. 

"I love how we rallied after."

Shanahan was visibly upset after Greenlaw was ejected, screaming at the officials as his player was tossed from the game. Per a pool report from NFL referee Walt Anderson, DiSandro was "contributing to the escalation" of the argument, which led to him being tossed from the game. After the loss, DiSandro was seen greeting Eagles players as they headed into the locker room. 

"We had to move on and play the next play," Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni said about the incident. "So that's all we were trying to do in that scenario, is move on, get the ball down inside the 12-yard line or something after the personal foul, and just regroup and get everybody going and play the next play.

"Just like we do when we have a bad play, a good play, bad game, good game, we're going to have to pick ourselves up off the mat going into this week as well."

Greenlaw has been an emotional leader for the 49ers. In the 2023 NFC Championship game, he drew an unnecessary roughness penalty for extra contact on Kenneth Gainwell and a face mask penalty when bringing down Boston Scott

The 49ers feed off Greenlaw's energy -- and continued to when he was tossed from the game. 

"That is why I tried my hardest not to lose my mind," Shanahan said. "I hope I didn't embarrass myself too bad."