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Decades ago, the NFL adopted several rules that were part of the original USFL. With kickoffs almost nonexistent last year, the NFL may adopt the XFL's current kickoff model for the 2024 season. 

NFL owners could vote on a proposal in March to adopt the XFL's kickoff model, according to NFL Media. The XFL's kickoff model was discussed at length by the league's competition committee over the weekend, per the report. 

Here is the XFL's kickoff rule compared to the NFL's current kickoff model. 

XFL: Kicker lines up at his 30-yard line, with the 10 other members of the kickoff team lining up at the opponent's 35 -- 5 yards away from the returning team. The kicker and returner are the only players who can move until the ball is fielded. Touchbacks are placed at the 35-yard line.

NFL: Kicking team lines up at its 35-yard line, with eight returning team members within 15 yards. Double-team blocks are prohibited. Touchbacks are placed at the 25-yard line.

Ultimately, the NFL wants to encourage more returns while reducing high-speed collisions. Only 22 percent of kickoffs were returned in 2023. None of the 13 kickoffs in Super Bowl LVIII were returned. 

The league wants to increase kickoff returns without increasing the concussion rate. Concussions on kickoffs was the reason why the NFL recently changed its kickoff model in the first place. 

The competition committee will continue to discuss the matter on Monday and in the weeks leading up to the owners meeting in March. Any rule change would need support from 24 of the NFL's 32 owners. Competition committee chair Rich McKay said that special teams coordinators will have a role in creating a kickoff proposal. 

"We have to be open-minded enough," McKay said, "to say can we bring plays back in the game that have gone out of the game."