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Panthers owner David Tepper dismissed Frank Reich on Monday, making it two straight years he's fired a head coach in-season. But Tepper told reporters Tuesday that he doesn't lack patience, arguing he wants his next hire to last for "20 or 30 years." He also defended Bryce Young as the team's No. 1 pick in the 2023 draft, despite the rookie quarterback's weekly struggles.

"Quite frankly," Tepper said, "if I had my druthers, I'd like to have a coach here for 20 years or 30 years, you know, if I can do that. ... I do have patience. My reputation away from this game is one for extreme patience. Now, that patience comes with good performance and things (where) progress (is being) made. I would like to have somebody here for 20 years, 30 years. I'd like to have somebody that would say (a) eulogy at my funeral in 30 years. OK, maybe it's 40 years, I hope."

Reich, who replaced Matt Rhule last offseason, lasted just 11 games atop the staff, going 1-10. He's the third different coach to be fired by Tepper before the end of the season, with Ron Rivera also exiting in-season in 2019, Tepper's second year of ownership.

Asked Tuesday if his quick trigger on coaches could make it harder to hire a qualified replacement, he disagreed.

"No," Tepper said, suggesting that each of his three firings were "different situations."

"Look, things are constantly evolving," he explained, "and they'll continue to evolve. Obviously that record's not good enough. We're gonna self-reflect and make it better. ... I sit in that box, and we live and die with every play. So I understand the fans, I understand the frustration. I can just say this: We will make it better. I'm not promising it's gonna happen tomorrow, but it may."

Amid reports that Reich preferred Texans star C.J. Stroud, the No. 2 overall pick in the draft, over Young, Tepper also denied as much, arguing Young's selection was "unanimous" among Panthers brass and backing the QB for the future.

"I'll just answer this really plain," Tepper said. "In all those decisions, whether it was the head coach, whether it was Bryce, I don't really vote on those decisions until (the) last (step). ... Look, everything's that right and everything that's wrong here, ultimately is my fault. I have the final say. But as far as those decisions, those decisions were made, and in the case of Bryce, I believe it was a unanimous decision from the coaches and the scouts, and very strong opinions."

Tepper admitted the Panthers "thought we'd get C.J." because "we thought the Texans were gonna pick Bryce," but at the end of the day, he said, they preferred Young: "He was our No. 1 pick. I supported both choices. I supported the coaches, I supported the scouts, and I supported Frank Reich. I take full responsibility for everything. ... And as far as Bryce Young is concerned: We are totally confident in that pick. ... For me, I'm totally confident in agreeing with that pick."