Pittsburgh Steelers v Houston Texans
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Patrick Peterson is willing to be patient in finding a new team for 2024. As free agency is in the midst of its second wave, the former Steeler will wait things out until he gets the right call.

When that call comes, Peterson wants a warning if he's going to play a different position than cornerback. He's open to playing safety, but with certain conditions. 

"I don't want to start at safety because that's a different animal back there," Peterson said, via the NFL on Fox podcast. "That's a different view back there. If that is the case, I would need to be warned going into the season to get my body, my mental prepared. It's different being at the safety from the cornerback position, having those open-field tackles."

Peterson has played cornerback for the majority of his 13-year career. He played 1,045 snaps listed as a defensive back, playing 218 snaps at free safety and 105 snaps at box safety (per TruMedia). He hasn't played safety full time, which might be what some teams want him to be. 

"As corners, we're used to knifing in and slicing guys down," Peterson said. "When you're in the open field as a safety, especially if you're in the middle of the field, that guy's got 24 yards right and 24 yards left of you. There ain't no way to cut him off by any means. You're the last line of defense. 

"So if that is something, I would need notice and probably, you know, get one of these old-time safeties like an Ed Reed or (Troy) Polamalu to coach me up."

Peterson had 42 tackles and two interceptions in 17 games last season in Pittsburgh, as opposing quarterbacks had a 62.8 passer rating targeting him. He can still start in the NFL, even if cornerback appears to be his preferred position.