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The Bill Belichick era is over for the New England Patriots franchise, even if his impact in the organization still remains. New Patriots coach Jerod Mayo is installing his own culture in New England, a change of pace from Belichick. 

There are some parts Mayo has picked up playing and working under Belichick, and other changes he's making toward his coaching style. Patriots defensive end Keion White preferred the way Belichick coached, not that it's a slight toward Mayo. 

"We don't got Bill cursing us out every play anymore," White said, via "I like Bill. He's my type of coach, like a hard-ass. I like that. I respond well to things like that."

White spent one season under Belichick, as the former second-round pick spent his rookie season learning under him. He started four games and finished with 26 tackles and a sack. While White liked how Belichick coached him, he also likes how Mayo coaches this team as well. 

Mayo and Belichick just have different styles. 

"Mayo's done a pretty good job, too. It's all different," White said. "Mayo's doing a really good job of staying true to himself, not trying to fill somebody else's shoes, but create his own path, and I really respect that."

The Patriots have been more laid back under Mayo, a different change of pace from the strict regime under Belichick. While Belichick's style resonated to current players is up for debate, neither coaching style affects White. 

"I'd much rather you just be yourself and be who you are," White said. "And that's what Mayo's doing and I respect that."

The vibes are different in the Patriots locker room, as Mayo looks to take the franchise back to the winning ways in the two decades when Belichick was there.