Whenever there's an opportunity to gain partial ownership or become a head executive with an NFL franchise, it doesn't take too long before Peyton Manning's name is thrown out there. Despite there seeming to be plenty of interest in the two-time Super Bowl champion quarterback, Manning seems pretty content with his current dynamic as an ambassador saying recently that he doesn't have much interest in taking on a part-owner role nor becoming part of a front office. 

"I don't think that's anywhere on my radar by any means," he said of running a team, via The Denver Post. "I love being an ambassador for the Broncos and for the Colts, for the University of Tennessee. Obviously, living here I get to go to all the Broncos games. I was out at the facility the other day. Our kids do sports in the area around Dove Valley, so I'm probably at the facility a couple times a week. They have great snacks over there in their cafeteria. I don't know if I'm being charged for those or what. I still have my key fob from when I played. (Vice president of security) Keith Bishop never made that go away, so that's helpful as well. I'm excited about still being a part of the team and being part of the community. ….

"I still feel an attachment and have really enjoyed getting to know the Walton-Penner family as well. But as far as running a team, I don't think that's on my radar."

The 48-year-old retired from the NFL in March of 2016 after 18 seasons in the NFL. Even in retirement, however, he's continued to grow as one of the more recognizable faces in the NFL thanks to his ManningCast broadcast with his brother, Eli Manning, (and soon to be joined by Bill Belichick) during "Monday Night Football" on ESPN2. 

On top of that, Manning has also built Omaha Productions into a media conglomerate, so he's keeping quite busy even without jumping into an ownership/executive role in the NFL.