Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams is used to making a big difference on the football field, and he will now get the chance to make a big difference for someone who was there for him at the very beginning of his career. This Friday, Adams will appear on CBS' "Secret Celebrity Renovation" to give his grandmother, Bettie, a dream home makeover.

On the newest episode of 'Secret Celebrity Renovation," Adams will return to where he grew up in East Palo Alto, California to help upgrade Bettie's home after she helped raise him as a child. Adams will team up with "Survivor" legend and contractor Rob "Boston Rob" Mariano to get the job done.

Adams is not the only NFL star who has assisted someone close to him on "Secret Celebrity Renovation." Damar Hamlin and Aaron Donald have also been featured on the show before.

In addition to helping out his grandmother, Adams will also take host Nischelle Turner to where his love of football began at Jack Farrell Park. After growing up in East Palo Alto, Adams went to Fresno State as a lesser-known recruit before blowing up and becoming a superstar in the NFL.

Adams' episode of "Secret Celebrity Renovation" will air Friday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. Paramount+ with Showtime subscribers can watch the episode live on the streaming service, and those subscribed to Paramount+ Essential can watch it on demand the following day.