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One decade after his improbable rookie season ended with one of the greatest plays in NFL history, Malcolm Butler is retiring from pro football. The 34-year-old cornerback recently confirmed his plans during an interview in Houston. 

"I am retired," Butler told KPRC 2. "I did the best I can do. Walking away from the game feeling comfortable. Everybody can do more, but I'm satisfied with my career. It's time to move on and transition."  

A former undrafted rookie, Butler spent seven active seasons in the NFL. He went into NFL lore after making the game-winning interception in Super Bowl XLIX. He won two Super Bowls during his four seasons with the New England Patriots. The first one was won after he picked off Russell Wilson at the goal line to secure New England's last-second 28-24 win over the defending champion Seattle Seahawks. 

Butler recently shared that Wilson tipped off that he was going to throw in his direction. 

"I was looking at Russ, I was like, 'He's looking over here too much. He's looking too much,'" Butler recalled in Apple TV's documentary of the Patriots' dynasty. 

"Without him," Tom Brady said of Butler, "We don't win that Super Bowl. That was, in my view, one of the greatest plays in the history of any Super Bowl. It was so spectacular." 

Butler, who also played with the Titans before returning to the Patriots in 2022, says that he wants to keep himself busy in his post-playing years. He wants to write movie scripts and possibly get into standup comedy. Butler also plans to write a book about his rise from an undrafted rookie to Super Bowl hero. 

Butler said that his book will include information on Bill Belichick's controversial decision to bench him during the Patriots' loss to the Eagles in Super Bowl LII. 

"Oh man, it was just a coach's decision," Butler said of that situation. "Whenever I drop the book, I'll put more details into. For the most part, it was a coach's decision."