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There was a time when the NFL schedule release was no big deal, considering teams already know who they're going to play and are only finding out the order of the matchups.

Those days are long, long gone, though, and the much-anticipated schedule release videos that every team produces are the clearest indicator of that. It's no longer just schedule release day. It's schedule release video release day.

So, who did the best? Here's our top 10.

10. Colts eat their way through the schedule

NFL players can eat. Like, really eat. So what better way to reveal the schedule and keep your players happy than feed them dishes from opponents' areas of the country? DeForest Buckner and Grover Stewart came away with a full stomach and knowledge of their 2023 schedule.

9. Bills make players' dreams come true

From the endearing (Josh Allen being a paperboy) to the unexpected (Shaq Lawson creating a new chemical element) to the hilarious (313-pound Tim Settle sprinting away after ding dong ditching someone), the Bills made their players' dreams come true.

8. Lions crush opponents with AI voiceover

Two big themes this year were social media -- especially Tik Tok -- and AI. The Lions had the best, though, with AI coach Dan Campbell and AI GM Brad Holmes providing laugh-out-loud funny commentary while playing Madden against Detroit's 2023 schedule.

7. Giants use teamwork to unlock their schedule

As a self-proclaimed escape room expert, I'll tell you that arguably the hardest thing is simply getting people to think and work together. The Giants, though, had few problems with that en route to "unlocking" their 2023 schedule, and there were plenty of great moments along the way.

5. Jaguars players actors learn the script

To be able to keep a video over eight minutes long entertaining requires buy-in from a lot of people, and the Jaguars absolutely got that from owner Shad Khan, coach Doug Pederson and many, many players, including quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Wide receiver Zay Jones might just have a future career in acting as well.

4. There's no biz like Panthers showbiz

In another video requiring a ton of buy-in from players, the Panthers got exactly that, and I loved that both the franchise's longest-tenured player, long snapper J.J. Jansen, and one of its newest faces, quarterback Bryce Young, both got in here. The Jerry Springer-esque reveal that the Bengals are not on the schedule is just about the funniest thing I saw from around the league.

3. Broncos bring Peyton Manning back... and he brings friends

In 2021, Peyton Manning revealed the Broncos' schedule as an "intern," and last year, he had to train his "replacement," Russell Wilson. This time, he let Miles the mascot and Angela from "The Office" lead the party planning committee, and things go hilariously off-course. Full of plenty of references to the show, cameos and, of course Manning himself, the Broncos don't stray from a great theme.

2. Titans' Nashville tour goes hilariously, perfectly awry

Every single schedule reveal video is a treasure. But getting two for the price of one? The Titans truly outdid themselves, especially considering this one alone is an all-timer.

We could do a top 10 just on these answers alone, but the Jaguars being referred to as "Chester Cheeto" and "Actually does not exist" is certainly up there.

The Titans didn't stop there, though. They also dropped this very solid release video with plenty of familiar faces in Nashville and not just on the football field. Sure, there's Jeff Fisher and Jeffery Simmons, but also wrestler Sheamus, comedian Nate Bargatze and singer Keith Urban, among others.

1. Chargers nail it... again

The Chargers' media team truly does exceptional work. Their list of memorable social media posts is seemingly endless, and last year's anime schedule was among the best. They went back to the anime theme this year and, much like the Broncos with Manning, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. This one had me laughing throughout.

The greatness is in the details. The Lions game featuring a faux gambling help screen after several Detroit players were suspended for gambling is a jaw-dropper. Well done, again, Chargers.