Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Ring
Kansas City Chiefs (Ryan Hill)

There was an error on the Kansas City ChiefsSuper Bowl championship rings, which were handed out to the champions last week. Travis Kelce admitted the flaw, and just doesn't care. 

On the New Heights podcast, Jason Kelce pointed out that the Dolphins are the No. 7 seed on the ring (Miami was actually the No. 6 seed), which prompted Travis to respond in jest. 

"I don't give a s---," Travis said with conviction. "I like it that we didn't give a f--- about what seed Miami was. Yea, they were seventh. Who cares? They could have put no seeds on the side of them and I would have been fine. 

"I think it makes it more unique, 'Oh yea, and we really made it more detailed. And oops, we screwed up.' It just makes it more exclusive. We screwed up about something that means nothing." 

The Chiefs beat the Dolphins, 26-7, in the wild card round (Kansas City was the No. 3 seed), before beating the Buffalo Bills in the divisional round and the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship Game -- both games on the road. They finished off their third Super Bowl title in five years by beating the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII. 

Kansas City's Super Bowl championship ring includes 505 round diamonds, 19 baguette diamonds, five marquise diamonds and 38 genuine rubies. The ring isn't actually Kelce's favorite of the three Super Bowl rings he has. 

"The one last year was my favorite one," Travis said. "The top of the ring comes off, it has a clasp, you can wear it in different ways. 

"I think if I would ever, like, wear the rings out in a sense or like what represent that team or that Super Bowl, I would probably wear that clasp on a necklace before I would wear that big f---ing massive ass ring."

Travis won't be fixing that Super Bowl ring. He likes it the way it is, but he likely isn't wearing it out either (or any of his championship rings for that matter).