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Most touchdown parlays go by the wayside without ever coming close, but one bettor received a miracle over the Christmas weekend. When his 14-leg touchdown parlay hit, the bettor turned five dollars into just shy of $500,000.

Going into Christmas Eve's slate of NFL games, Travis Dufner crafted a parlay in which he needed 14 different players to find the end zone. The odds came out to +9787560, and he laid a mere five bucks on it, probably assuming it wouldn't hit.

However, the touchdowns started coming, and they didn't stop. By the time Monday night's game between the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens rolled around, all he needed was a Christian McCaffrey score. With 3:23 left in the first half, Dufner got it as McCaffrey plunged into the end zone, and the bettor's reaction went viral.

That capped off a parlay that included some fairly unlikely touchdown scorers. Buffalo Bills wide receiver Gabe Davis hadn't recorded a catch since Nov. 26, much less scored a touchdown, but he got into the end zone against the Los Angeles Chargers.

Calvin Ridley hadn't done much of anything for the Jacksonville Jaguars until late in the third quarter. He wound up scoring twice, just for good measure.

Washington Commanders running back Chris Rodriguez Jr. touched the ball 11 times, and one of those went for a 12-yard touchdown.

Everything came together for this bettor to give him nearly half a million dollars. The good news for his relatives is that his 2024 Christmas budget probably just went up.