Alabama star Kool-Aid McKinstry is one of the top prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft, and certainly has the most eye-catching nickname. McKinstry's real name is Ga'Quincy, but he has stuck with the nickname given to him by his grandmother, Brenda Allen, according to the Tuscaloosa News.

When Allen was in the delivery room with her daughter, Geneva Allen, back in 2002, she quickly came up with the nickname for McKinstry. After her daughter had delivered McKinstry, Brenda stated that it looked like he was smiling right away.

"I told his mom," Brenda said, "'Look at this boy with this big Kool-Aid smile on his face.'"

McKinstry's mother ended up naming him Ga'Quincy when it was all said and done. However, Brenda stated that she believed that Kool-Aid made more sense as a name for the future football star.

"And he wears that smile well to this day," Geneva said.

"Never did I think that nickname would be big like it is," Brenda added. "I didn't expect that name would get you somewhere, or that name is going to be a household name like the Kool-Aid drink. I never thought that."

As a result of the iconic nickname, it was no surprise that McKinstry struck an NIL deal with the Kool-Aid brand. Kool-Aid is the name that McKinstry has gone by for years, and his mother doesn't call him Ga'Quincy very often.

All these years later, McKinstry has become one of the top cornerbacks in the 2024 NFL Draft. During his career at Alabama, McKinstry racked up 93 tackles (62 solo), 23 passes defended, two sacks, and two interceptions in his three-year career at the collegiate level.