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The men's 200-meter semifinal at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest was delayed after two golf carts transporting the sprinters crashed into each other. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries and everybody was able to compete.

According to the broadcast that showed a clip of the incident, one athlete and a volunteer staff member were medically assessed. They were both fine, and the athlete was cleared to compete. While golf carts typically don't go too fast, crashes can still be dangerous. The video shows that someone in one of the carts fell off during the collision.

Another clip of the incident shows Jamaican runner Noah Hudson with his hand on his right eye. According to Virgin Media Sport, Hudson felt something and thought he had potentially gotten glass in his eye. American star Noah Lyles is seen calling for someone to check on Hudson, who said after the race he couldn't see out of his right eye. Hudson also said a doctor "flushed out some shards of glass" from his eye. 

Later on, Lyles told the broadcast the athletes wanted to make sure Hudson was OK to run and that it was important everybody got their chance at competing.

The unusual incident delayed the competition, but it seems as if Lyles -- the 100-meter world champion -- was able to shake it off quickly. He took care of business with a comfortable victory by finishing Thursday's race in 19.76 seconds. He has now earned a chance to defend his 200-meter title on Friday afternoon. 

Lyles is a two-time reigning world champion and will be looking to become just the second man after Usain Bolt to win more than two titles in the 200-meter category.