When the 2024 Olympics come to Paris this summer, the Olympic rings will be visible on the Eiffel Tower, according to a statement from organizers. 

A 95-foot long and 49-foot high structure of the five Olympic rings will be displayed on the iconic Paris landmark, which is made of steel. The rings will be visible from the south side of the Eiffel Tower in central Paris, and will be overlooking the Seine River for the duration of the Summer Games.

According to Olympic organizers, the construction for the rings on the Eiffel Tower is slated to begin in late April.

Over 10,000 athletes will participate in the opening ceremonies and be involved in a parade through Paris via boats on the Seine River. The 3.7-mile route will conclude with the opening ceremony at sunset on July 26 in the French capital city.

The Eiffel Tower is expected to be featured quite extensively for the 2024 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. Both the Olympic and Paralympic medals are expected to feature pieces of iron that were taken from the Eiffel Tower.

The 2024 Paris Olympics are set to begin on July 26 and run through August 11.