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The Somalian Minister of Youth Sports, Barre Mohamud, has apologized and suspended athletics federation chairwoman Khadijo Aden Dahir after a bizarre scene at the World University Games in China on Tuesday. Nasra Abukar Ali, 20, went viral for competing in the women's 100-meter race as an untrained athlete.

The video of Nasra Abukar went viral after she finished well behind the rest of the field in the event. She took more than 20 seconds to complete the race and finished a full 10 seconds behind the rest of her opponents while skipping her way across the finish line.

On Wednesday, Mohamud issued a public apology for Nasra Abukar's participation in the event, according to the Associated Press. Mohamud also announced that Dahir  has been suspended for using her connections to get Nasra Abukar, a relative of hers, into the World University Games.

"Khadijo Aden Dahir, the Chairwoman of the Somali Athletics Federation, has engaged in acts of abuse of power, nepotism, and defaming the name of the nation in (the) international arena," Mohamud said in his statement.

"Based on these findings, the Chairman of the Somalia National Olympics committee should suspend Khadijo Aden.

"Furthermore, the Ministry... firmly declares its intention to pursue legal action against both the Chairman of the Athletics Federation of Somalia and individuals responsible for the falsification of the Somali University Sports Association."

The university union in Somalia said that it was not aware of any runners being sent to China for the event.

Based on the move by Mohamud to suspend Dahir, it's probably safe to say that Nasra Abukar has participated in her first and final event on the world stage.

Nasra Abukar was not even listed in the event results in the World Athletics database. The site only lists five participants in Heat 3, the one in which Nasra Abukar ran. It does have winner Gabriela Mourão listed in first with a time of 11.58 seconds.