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Marcus Thuram had an incredible first season at Inter and in the Italian Serie A, where he won his first Scudetto title under coach Simone Inzaghi, pairing up wonderfully together with Argentinian striker Lautaro Martinez. The Frenchman scored 15 goals in 44 games in all competitions. After the celebrations of the past weeks, Inter will face Lazio on Sunday where they will play their last home game of the season and where they will finally lift the trophy at San Siro in front of their fans. 

Thuram was interviewed on Thursday during CBS Sports Golazo Network's show Morning Footy and continued to speaking glowingly about his mentor, Thierry Henry. Much to the surprise of Thuram, Henry made a surprising appearance and spoke directly with Thuram. The two have a special bond, as the same striker admitted to CBS Sports right after winning the Scudetto against AC Milan on April 22, thanks to Thuram's dad, Lilian, who was a teammate of Henry at AS Monaco, Juventus and most importantly on the France national team as they won the 1998 World Cup together. 

"I understood who he was growing and seeing videos and understanding who I was really talking to and if I had to pick only one [piece of advice] when you go on the pitch, you have no friends, you have to go there to kill," Thuram said. "And I'm a very joyful person. I like to laugh, I like to make jokes. And by talking to him, he really developed this mindset of going on the pitch to kill, not to have fun, not to play around, to kill, and to work every day in that mindset that on the weekends I have to kill." 

Henry stressed how good of a listener Thuram is when it comes to the advice he offers. 

"What I like with Marcus, he does listen. Not only that, he does listen and when you tell him something, he's going on the field to do it, not to tell you that he will try, he will do it," Henry said. "And that's something that speaks volumes about how intelligence is because you have right from the start, some gift is strong naturally, it's pretty fast, but other than that, you got to work." 

"Developing yourself is key. Carry on doing what he is doing. I always say to people that anyone can have a good season but staying at the top for a long time ... consistency is key."